After a week of overtime and chaos with fifty balls in the air, I took yesterday and did NOTHING.  It was so relaxing to play on the computer and hang out with Ken, Vicki, and Beth.  We did only one thing productive and that was rent a car for our trip to Georgia.
I think my brain just needed to shut down and think on nothing.  I did make a date with a friend to visit her.  I have to email or text another to set up time with her.  I also have to turn down an invite to another friend’s for a party because the timing is bad for me.  One more friend to contact and see if she wants to get together, then I’ll be caught up on the social front mostly. 
With starting school, my time is getting more crunched.  The funny thing is I think I actually like it.  It means I’ll have to make the most of the time I actually get to do things like writing and genealogy. 
While I was a bum yesterday, I have to get my bum in gear today.  Ken and I played together on the computer but now I have to get serious and find my desk, organize my writing, genealogy, bills, etc.  I have to get my stuff ready for work and school next week. 
On top of which I got an email from a cousin with information on a family member I didn’t have before.  I need to write her a note and send her more pictures.  I also have to work on submissions for writing today. 
At some point though, I really want to go sit on the deck.  For the most part this summer it has been too hot and muggy to be outside for me.  I’ve felt trapped but today the a/c is off, windows are open and it feels HEAVENLY.  I’d be tempted to take my crocheting out and sit on the deck to do nothing. 
Mom, Alicia, and Beth are coming down tomorrow to grill out, maybe I’ll drag Stephanie’s afghan out there then and have my down time.  Social time and crocheting – multi tasking once again…
Vicki just brought me a pattern for a wrap which looks amazing.  I read the pattern too and I think it would be easy enough and quick enough to do.  I might have to do one for her and see how fast it works up.  I better stop before I get a giant list of craft stuff I want to do.  Although I seem to remember doing fifteen afghans one year while in school and working.  Maybe I just need to do more to keep me busy and sane (or is that insane?).

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