Drawing to an End

Errands are run.  Coupons are clipped.  Ken will grocery shop tomorrow.  Once I get up, we will prep the meat we got for the freezer and hopefully prep stuff for breakfast and lunches next week.

A headache has settled in the last few days.  At times, it is migraine level and at others it is just there.  I’m hoping it will go away soon.

If the headache stays at bay tonight, I’m going to work on getting the edits in the last  manuscript I have to do.  Hopefully tomorrow after we get the chores done, I can work on publishing.

For my to do list for my vacation, I got most of my stuff done.  I have a couple of items still on the list but this is how my to do lists go.  I’m closing in on my last day off.  Going back to work won’t be hard but at the same time I’ve enjoyed having the down time and getting writing projects done.

At this stage, I’m waiting on my scooter and hoping it arrives at the earliest date rather than the later.  The week will be difficult when it comes to pain level while I use the manual wheelchair but I don’t have the option of not going to work.

Having said that, I’m going to put all of this behind me and try to focus on enjoying the last of my vacation and down time.

Post Migraine – I hope

Yesterday a migraine ripped through my head making me useless for the day.  By evening my head was less miserable but still not great.  I opted to watch movies while laying in the dark.  It didn’t bother my head like trying to crochet or writing. 

I watched Hitch and She’s the One.  I haven’t seen Hitch in a while and thoroughly enjoyed it.  Will Smith is always pleasant to look at and watch his skill at being silly and romantic.  It made me laugh and relax.  I thoroughly enjoyed. 

Interestingly, I’ve not written anything in almost three days now.  However, in my head one story keeps popping up and ideas fill my head when I wake up so I’m hoping when I reach a point where I am able to write without my head wanting to explode, I’ll be able to move forward quickly on the story.

At one point last night I woke up headache free but when I woke this morning, my head was slamming me again.  Tylenol and caffeine will be my friends today.


Sometimes I just want the world to go away and let me be.  When I have a headache it hits me a hundred times harder when I feel this way.  Mostly I want my head to stop hurting so my brain can think and do what it needs to do.

I have a desk full of work and none of it makes sense.  I try to focus on work and it all falls away from me.  I can’t make sense of anything.  It all falls away from me in an unintelligible mess of chaos and confusion.

My mind tries to focus, but it skitters off into a corner quivering and quaking trying to escape the complexity expected of it.  My eyes droop and the thrumming in my head seem to keep time to some raucous band only it can hear.

My head feels heavy, too heavy for my neck to hold it up.  I’m like those water drinking birds that dip into a glass and sit up except I have a hard time keeping my head up.

The clock ticks slowly, ever so slowly towards the end of the day.  Each tick sounds like a bass drum and feels like it lasts a thousand minutes.

The ringing in my ears reverberates off my brain, attempting to jump start it into functioning but it fails, every time.  For my brain is hiding in the corner pulling a blanket around it to stop the light, the sound, any input from getting through. 

Piles, Packing, and Organizing

I’m not really sure where January and February went.  March is already half done and I don’t know where that went either.  I know I’ve been busy with helping one daughter with health issues and the other daughters with different things.  However, I don’t feel like I’ve been able to catch my breath.  Stuff I intended to have done in January I’m just getting to and it is March.
This morning first thing – before my five day headache had faded to manageable – Ken and I were up and out of the house to run errands for gathering things to take to Vicki.  She sends me a list and gives me money – we go get.  One check mark off my todo list.
We come home and I play on the computer – answer emails, play Bookwork, write in my journal, and tackle piles.  Most of my writing is now organized the way I want it.  I still have some piles that I’m not sure how I want to handle but I’ve gone through several pile and have them labeled and put away.  Things are easily identifiable and accessible. Items I will use often are at hand and others are placed further away. 
Next on my list is some computer work which will take a bit and then I’m off to pack my crafting suitcase for my trip.  I’ve got many of those items ready to go in the suitcase it is just a matter of getting the suitcase out and putting them in.  Although there are a couple of things I want to pull from the craft room. 
When I’m done with these things – providing my headache hasn’t screamed back full force – crocheting will round out my day.  Ken is working in the basement.  The basement guys were here and fixed it last weekend so he can work on getting his workroom set up and the guest room set up.
Tomorrow is a whole different day and I’ll have to figure out what I will be doing then.  Probably more organizing and packing but you never know.  If the headache I’ve had for five days continues I may just spend the day in a dark room doing nothing.  I’ve decided the worst thing about a headache is I can’t crochet while I’m home sick.  It hurts too much.