According to A.Word.A.Day the meaning for this is “a government by the corrupt in which rulers use their official positions for personal gain.”

When I saw this I thought – oh so that is what we are living in now.  We no longer have a democracy which is supposed to be a government led by the people for the people.  We have career politicians who seem to be more interested in lining their pockets than in doing what is best for our country or state.

I don’t claim to know what is best for the entire country or state; however, I do know that the way things are now is not working.  People aren’t working.  Poverty is up.  Education is down.  Debt is up both on the personal level and the governmental level. 

Somehow we have moved from having politicians who took up the office as a way to help the American public to politicians (at least those who get the most press) who think they are gods or untouchable and can do whatever they please.

These politicians need to remember they are there to serve the American public and it should be an honor, not be a way to make a profit for yourself or your cronies.  George W Bush, though not the first, certainly made this his priority.  His rule certainly was the downfall of a number of things but this I think is one of the core issues. 

Public awareness of the issues needs to be increased and well thought out plans need to be put into place to help us move from the disastrous place we are to the good place I know we can get to.

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