Ads, propaganda, and blowhards are flooding the airwaves with bullshit about which person would be better for the job of president, or which party should have control to guide our nation forward. I doubt any politicians will read this but here are some things we need to do to make this a better country: ·         Everyone … Continue reading Politics


According to A.Word.A.Day the meaning for this is “a government by the corrupt in which rulers use their official positions for personal gain.”When I saw this I thought – oh so that is what we are living in now.  We no longer have a democracy which is supposed to be a government led by the … Continue reading Kleptocracy


What is up with the Wisconsin politicians being such idiots?  I think the middle and lower class people get that budgets need to be adhered to.  I think that this group of people KNOW better than anyone that they have to live within their means.  I think our politicians haven't a damn clue what it … Continue reading Politicians