Balance of Sorts

Yesterday was a good day.  I did some homework in the morning.  I spent time with a friend in the afternoon.  I spent time with family in the evening.  I wrote at night.  It was a full but good day.

Up at the crack of dawn (okay well really about 8) and sat at my computer played for a bit before showering.  I then worked on homework long enough to get frustrated.  I was getting ready to leave when Vicki said she needed to talk to me before I left. 

The afternoon with Laura was amazing.  Her backyard is beautiful and secluded.  You don’t feel like you’re in a big city or surrounded by people.  We sat there with a fire going just talking all afternoon.  She fed me and gave me fluid which was nice.  More than that though she fed my soul.  Laura is a great friend.  I can count on her.  She is the type of person I know I can call on and say I need X (you fill in the blank) and she will do everything in her power to help me get it. 

Time with her is like a trip to the spa.  I get to laugh, cry, discuss intellectually (yes Laura I mean that), and just be me.  She is a blessing in my life.  Normally when we gather it is a full day of Laura time.  This time I had to set a limit though because I needed study time. 

I came home and spent time with Ken and Vicki (and their electronics).  We had supper together and watched TV together.  After they went to bed, I sat at my computer and worked on writing.  I was just going to check my email and go to bed but instead I pulled open a story I’m working on and got more of a scene written.  I called a halt at 1:00 am though. 

This morning I’ve dealt with email, played on the computer, and handled the many rejections in my emails.  I also discovered I have at least an article in a publication (there may be some poems too but I have to wait for my issue to find out).  I’ll post it when I get the magazine.  If you are interested in getting my work – look for the next issue of Circle Magazine ( 

Next I’m going to tackle my homework.  It is calling to me.  The procrastinator in me is considering cleaning off my desk though because Ken moved my printer for me so Sasha could have window space on our desk.  I have several chapters to read and a rough draft to do for the next writing assignment.  I guess I’ll have to force myself to be good though because the homework needs to come first…

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