Last Monday at the job…

Well today was my last Monday at my current job.  I went to work worried I would not get everything done that I wanted to.  I kinda stressed over it.  I had a list (when don’t I?) and a plan for tackling the tasks I needed to get done. 

I got to work and the plan went right out the window.  There were so many things that distracted me and I got off my game.  Then I sat down, plugged in my head phones and started an audio book.  While listening to this audio book (First Test by Tamora Pierce), I worked on the tasks at hand. 

My day FLEW by.  I looked up, realized it was after 1:00, and I hadn’t taken lunch.  I was astounded.  So I took lunch and was going to read the physical book I had in my bag – nope.  Listened to the audio book while I ate. 

After lunch I continued listening to the book and next thing I know it’s nearly 3:30 and I’m done with proposals.  It’s time to move on to the next task.  I don’t want to though because the next task isn’t conducive to listening to my book. 

When I left for the day, I didn’t want to stop listening.  This book was engaging and fun.  It made my day just fly by and allowed me to settle into the work without worrying about the clock.  It is a young adult fantasy book and I’m really enjoying it. 

Tomorrow, I want to finish the book but the tasks on the top of my list aren’t conducive to listening to a book.  I guess I’ll have to see if I get to tasks that are… or maybe I’ll get distracted again… One can only hope!!! 

2 thoughts on “Last Monday at the job…

  1. You and your audio books, me and my Boston Legal!

    Work seems crazy this week, doesn't it? It'll all be over sooner than later, and you'll be on to your next adventure!

    See you tomorrow – can't wait for lunch!!!

  2. Lunch was great. It was great that my old boss showed up. I enjoyed the time out of the office but boy did my day fly by. I hope tomorrow goes just as fast.

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