Outside work…

Why is it women’s work is supposed to keep us confined to the indoors?  I don’t like indoors work – never have and probably never will.  I don’t mind cleaning the bathroom or doing laundry (especially if I can hang my clothes outside on a great summer breeze).  Other inside work just sucks. 

Ken and I just split some wood.  I stood and did the splitting.  Before anyone thinks wow she must have some great upper body strength – we have a log splitter.  I filled up wheel barrows with split wood and he hauled it to the backyard and stacked it. 

I really LOVED being out in the autumn cool weather, getting the wood split, and working with him.  I know that may seem strange to all the women who do housework and hate the possibility that they might break a nail.  I guess I’m strange.  The smell of the wood was soothing and comforting.  The knowledge that this wood would bring many wonderful times by the fireplace makes the job go easier. 

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