Life, Laughter, Love

I’m pretty sure I’m stealing this phrase from Stephanie but it very much fits my weekend.  It has been joyful to have all my kids at home.  We’ve enjoyed a lovely weekend being together and enjoying each other’s company. 

Yesterday we had our Christmas celebration and it was great to be together.  We also had an open house and what a reminder of the great friends we have because so many of them stopped in.  There was lots of laughter and conversation. 

Today was more insular.  We just really hung out at home.  We watched movies, played Euchre and other games.  We had meals together.  There was so much laughter and love flowing none of us wanted the day to end.  Nothing spectacular happened today and yet it did because we all just hung out together enjoying being together.  We laughed a lot and enjoyed our time together.  It has been a wonderful weekend.

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