Lunch hour

During lunch today I spent my time figuring out a schedule.  I ate quickly and then got down to figuring out what classes I want to take when. 

It looks like if I do just two classes a semester I’ll be in school for four years.  This means that I’ll be 51 when I graduate and a lot more money in debt.  The next thing I’ll be looking at is how much I can pick up during the summer sessions and if I can save enough from one year of financial aid to pay for another year. 

My biggest concern now – not surprising – is the cost of going to school.  Financial aid will be all loans.  I do think I might qualify for some scholarships but because I already have one degree it narrows the opportunities.  The question becomes how much in debt do I want to go.

If the money falls into place, I’m looking forward to taking classes and being challenged to think and write in different ways.  I’m looking forward to refining the skills I have and sharpening them.  Hopefully in the long run this will lead to a profitable second job / later in life career. 

I’m going to be a writer.  I might as well have the degree to go with it.  Hopefully it will assist me in making my hobby into something more.

Roller Coaster Life

I feel like I’m on a roller coaster.  I was upset yesterday because I looked at my school account under financial aid and it said no financial aid for 2012 (meaning Fall 11 – Spring 12).  I thought I wouldn’t be able to go back to school.  I was disappointed. 

I called the financial aid office to see why and if there was anything I could do about it.  I got a young woman who confused the hell out of me.  I asked questions and she couldn’t answer them.  I quickly realized she didn’t have any idea. 

Fortunately, I am persistent.  I got the name of the woman I needed to talk to and emailed her questions.  This morning I got her response.  She cleared up a lot of my confusion and informed me that as a Special Student (no comments here from my smart ass family and friends) I need to be going for a degree not just taking classes.  All I have to do to qualify for financial aid is have my advisor email her some information. 

Today, I emailed my advisor and set up an appointment.  We discussed a little of what I want to do.  Tonight after I had time to go through things, I emailed her a list of questions. 

It seems like I’ll be able to go to school.  I’m excited about it and hope that I can do what I want to do.  I’ve gone from being disappointed yesterday to excited today.  Tomorrow who knows what I’ll be feeling…

School… very possibly…

This has been on my mind for a while now.  I’ve actually filled out a lot of paperwork and am moving forward with going back to school.  I have sent in my financial aid forms and my application.  I don’t know if I will get enough to go or get accepted to the college.  I don’t know if I really want to be the old lady in the classes.  I’ll be looking at a second and possibly a third bachelor’s degree in English Writing and English Book Publishing and Editing.
Here’s what I do know.  I want to learn more.  I want to fine tune my writing and editing skills.  I’d like to be a better writer.  Will it help me to get published?  I haven’t a clue.  I’ll have to take at least two classes (6 credits) to be considered part time.  When I look at the schedule of classes though, I want to take eight or ten of them.  This of course would be WAY more than a full load. 
Here I am 47 years old and considering going back to school.  This almost seems foolish.  I’m not getting a degree that will further my ability to make money in my day job.  It might help with my writing business but there is no certainty about it. 
There are tax advantages to going to school.  I’ll get a tax credit for being a part time student.  If I wanted to I could defer my student loans (not going to happen I don’t think). 
I think between the two degrees there are about 14 – 18 classes I would have to take.  If I take two classes a semester, it will take 7-9 semesters which is about four years.  If I get student loans I could put money aside and take summer classes which would decrease the amount of time I would be in school. 
Then there is the social factor.  I’m not all that interested in the socializing or even the group work of going to school.  I think this is the part that worries me the most.  It is hard for me to think about being in classes with a lot of other people.  I have to try to remember names and get along with everyone.  I’m not sure at this stage in my life I want to play nice with others.
I have a lot to think about before I make my decision.  There is still information I need.  I have to finish off my application process.  I have to see about financial aid.  There is a lot to do and what if after all this work I don’t get accepted or get the money needed?  Will I be disappointed?  Am I crazy?