Wayfarer – Books 4, 5, 6

As this series continued, I enjoyed writing about the characters. It felt like catching up with friends. While I worked on other things, there was always the next Wayfarer book to think about. What was the overall theme going to be? What would happen next? Is it too soon for a baby? Should the family be involved? How much of the family?

Wayfarer Negotiator

In Negotiator, Adara steps into new roles and responsibilities. Like most people, she’s not sure she can do these new things. At the same time, the relationship between her and Decker takes on new nuances. This meant that Decker had to learn to be less in charge in their personal lives. Adara had to learn to be more assertive about what worked for her.


A riot on a space station throws Adara Stone into a new role.

When Wayfarers clash with shopkeepers, Adara’s asked to step in to settle the dispute. 

Decker’s parents are visiting but he doesn’t want her to meet them.  He leaves her on the ship while he spends time with his family.  Until Avin’s, the Etienne hunter, murder case interrupts with an important break. 

Negotiating, Decker and Adara clash over her continued health issues. 

Can they come together to negotiate a peaceful settlement?


Wayfarer Wedding

This book cause a conundrum for me. I am not big on weddings and the hoopla that goes around them. I didn’t plot out my own wedding as a kid. I never really considered it until I was getting married. I knew this book would not focus on the wedding. Instead I focused on the stress of a wedding and oh yeah – most of Adara’s family being in harms way. This is where Adara has to lead but not be on hand to do the leading.


Adara and Decker’s big day fast approaches!

Before they can wed, her family is sent on a covert mission to collect information on a hostile race. 

Decker’s mother makes demands on how the wedding should be causes tension in an already stressful situation. Will Adara and Decker be able to protect her family and return in time to have their wedding?


Wayfarer Trials

The wedding is over and the honeymoon was delightful but without going erotica in this series, I only implied what their honeymoon was like. Again, sometimes the characters just need a bit of privacy. To some extent, I looked at what this series was about. Is this going to be focused on the adventures of Adara and Decker’s lives? Or was I going to look at the bigger picture? One thing I hate about other series is by the third or fourth book, there’s a formulaic quality to the book. I didn’t want that for Adara’s story.


Humans only! 

Returning from their honeymoon, Adara and Decker with their crew face a rash of attacks on non-human females. 

New trainees bring a sense of danger.  Decker and Paul try to protect Adara through a series of explosive events. 

Can Adara protect her people with her skills?


To read about the other books in this series:





Or visit the Wayfarer page – https://eileentroemel.com/books/wayfarer-series/

Number 10!

Wayfarer Expansion is the tenth is the series and it was published today!  I’ve finally got all of my ducks in a row and finished the edits and published.

My intention today was to clean my office.  I want to reorganize some drawers and shift things around so filing (which I hate doing) will be easier.  I figured if I finally got around to this, my office would be more work space than pig sty.  It’s still a mess.

However, I finished the edits on the tenth novel this morning.  It took me all morning, much longer than I expected.  Then I read a book while I had lunch. It was very nice to just kick back and relax. This afternoon I started the publishing process and now it is done!  I’m very excited.

This means I’m going back to writing.  I have two crochet projects I HAVE to get done in the next month.  From there, I have one other project that has a deadline.  While I love the crocheting, I’ve finished watching the shows I was watching and now it’s time to go back to some intensive writing – so long as the muse is willing.

Wayfarer Expansion is now available in ebook for $2.99 and in paper for $12.95.  Check it out at these sites

Wayfarer Salvation

Wayfarer Salvation is the next installment for Adara and Decker.  See how they cope with a pregnancy after a miscarriage.  Adara continues as a trainer for pilots and has to deal with a recalcitrant and arrogant Bart Jarvin.  After two conflicts, he decides to show her what a good pilot he is but fails miserably by crashing a shuttle and injuring himself and three engineers.  A cascade of events follows with a secret investigation being launched into Adara.

The release date for this book is September 1, 2015.  You can pre-order the book now on Smashwords or Amazon.  The links are available on my website:


Cross Off My Todo List Items

It’s done!  Wayfarer 9 is complete in the rough draft stage.  I sat at my computer yesterday, forgot to eat, worked on it for hours, ignored my phone and most other distractions and got 33,000 words done.  After 22 hours being up I sent off the rough draft to my test readers who can now stop nagging me.

When I sent it, I was in the “I’m done with this project and I don’t like it” stage.  My daughter always gives me grief over this because generally I’m okay with how things turned out, it’s just I don’t have enough distance to be objective.

I slept from 6:30 this morning until 9:00 which was a little disappointing as I would have liked a little more sleep.  I dozed until after 11:00 so I’m getting a slow start to the day.

I’ve gotten a bunch of admin work done.  I got my sales spreadsheet updated.  At some point, I’m going to shower and eat – maybe before Ken gets home.  Today I want to work on updating four through seven of the Wayfarer series so I can take this task off my todo list.

Since I’m working on such little sleep, I’ll probably nap at some point.  You never know.  I may get some inspiration and work on Defenders 3 as that is the next project I want to tackle.  I may just lounge about reading what I have done before I tackle the next stages of the novel.

I’m giving myself today and tomorrow to work on it.  Saturday I’m hoping to talk Ken into a movie (or two) and Sunday I have mom coming over for a bit.  I don’t know if I can finish Defenders in one day but I’m going to see how it goes and hope Wayfarer 10 stays out of my head until I’m done.

I also want to tackle the edits for 8, production on short stories, and a crochet pattern I’m midway through.  The list never ends.

Jammies All Day

Last night I wrote until 12:30.  I was so tired I could hardly keep my eyes open but still I had three scenes I noted I wanted to write.  As soon as I went to bed I thought of another scene I wanted to include but I went to sleep and managed a whole whopping four hours.  When I woke up at five this morning, I tried to go back to sleep and did manage to doze for a while.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get back to sleep.  Eventually I got up and went to my office computer.  I paid bills, did some production, and worked on some administrative stuff.  I spent a good deal of time getting information like what books I sold in May (yes I was behind) and from which company I sold them through.

As I sat at my desk, I eventually realized it was nearly one in the afternoon and I hadn’t had breakfast or lunch.  I had brunch and wrote another scene for Wayfarer 9.  I got cold while I sat at my desk in the office, so I curled up with a blanket and took a nap until my daughter called me.

Ken came home and I’ve spent time with him.  Now he is off to bed and I’m all alone.  Guess I could manage to write another couple of scenes or more.

It felt good to get the work out of the way this morning.  I feel like I got somewhat caught up.  I still have a binder full of edits to do for the Wayfarer series so I can update them.  I’m hoping to get that done this weekend maybe.

I texted with all three of my daughters today, wrote, did admin stuff for my writing, worked on production, spent time with my husband, played Peggle, and wrote some more.

Now I have my classical music going.  My hair is up.  The characters are grumbling in my head to stop writing this post and work on their story.  I may have stayed in my jammies all day but I have been very productive.

Wayfarer Destruction

Pre-order ended and is now available for sale in both ebook and paperback! 

This one was fun to write.  It is action packed with Adara, Decker and all their friends facing kidnapping, experimentation, and the Hettians.  While the Pritchard gets repaired, Adara and Decker fall into life at Command. Sabotage and danger shadow them on the station. Once the ship is repaired, Decker, Adara, their crew, and Adara’s pilots head out to make contact with the Hettians. Along the way, Rhia, Franklin, and Avin face a serial killer. Adara can’t shake her bad feeling. Oakes predicts another loss.

The end of their contract looms.  What will happen to the crew of her beloved Pritchard once the contract expires?  Check it out to see the next installation in Adara and Decker’s lives.

You can see the rest of my books on my web site:

New Books Available!

Finally I feel good enough to sit at my desk and get some work done.  This morning was all about production.  I got two new books prepped and ready for publication.

Murder Next Door is a murder mystery taking place in 2178.  Death in the apartment across the hall throws Eloise Franklin and Ronan Turner into each other’s lives. Turner is arrogant and condescending of Eloise profession as a stripper until he finds out she’s raising her younger sister. Eloise and her younger sister experience danger and abuse. Ronan discovers a respect and love for Eloise he never expected.  It’s available on Amazon and Smashwords:

Wayfarer Trials is the next installment of Adara and Decker’s story.  Returning from their honeymoon, Decker and Adara are thrown in the deep end of the cases under investigation.  Women are being attacked and taken by an unknown group of people.  Franklin and the rest of the investigators work to close the complicated case against the Castitate Colony and Patrick Richardson, putting the Pritchard and her crew in grave danger.  It’s available on Amazon and Smashwords:

I’m so happy to have these two novels out and available.  I loved writing them and believe the readers will enjoy reading the stories.  With all the issues I’ve had lately, I was beginning to doubt I’d be able to get them published but fortunately that isn’t the case.  Please check them out and tell your friends.

Sale and New Book

Wayfarer is on sale for 99 cents!  It will be on sale for about a week.  I’m hoping to publish Wayfarer Trials this weekend.

PicturePictureWayfarer is the beginning of the story and on sale for only 99 cents.  It is the beginning of the story between Decker and Adara.  Wayfarer Trials is the latest installment of their story.  Decker and Adara return from their honeymoon to fall right back into the investigation into Castitate Colony and Patrick Richardson with the rest of the command staff.

Danger rounds every corner in this book for the crew of the Pritchard.  Decker’s family comes onboard for protection as Delilah tracks down the businesses involved in their cases.  Action packed and fast paced, Adara, Decker and the rest of the crew face bombs, pirates, and human traffickers as they gather evidence to take down a lifelong criminal.

Birthdays, Visits, and other Distractions

Busy weekend equates into compressed time for working on writing or crocheting.  Yesterday I got together with my family to have lunch for mom’s birthday.  It was a good time and I think she enjoyed herself.  There are several people who have March birthdays including one of my sisters and that sister’s mother-in-law.  They always like to have a birthday lunch with mom to celebrate all of their birthdays.

After lunch TJ Jahns came to my house and we worked on several projects.  I’m creating a website for her and her artwork.  She has some pretty amazing stuff.  I had gotten so far with it and needed input from her which she gave.  It is now published but still a work in progress. (Check it out at TJJahns.weebly.com)

TJ and I are working on a new book.  I got to see her drawings and talk about her ideas for the pictures for this project.  I’m so excited.  She is taking one of my poems and turning it into a graphic poem.  It will be wonderful when she gets through all the pictures and I can’t wait.

After she left, Ken and I watched a little tv before he went to bed.  I worked on manuscript editing last night.  I was so tired by the time I was done, I crashed.  Purposefully, I didn’t set my alarm for early today but woke up on my own.  I usually do better when I can wake up of my own accord.

Today promises to be busy.  I have several projects to work on as long as my legs can stand me sitting at the computer.  One of my friends is coming over this afternoon.  It will be wonderful to see her.  Once she goes, I’ll be working on manuscript editing again.  Murder Next Door is close.  I want to read through it one more time – I feel it needs something but I can’t quite put my finger on it.  Here is the cover for it – done by TJ Jahns.  I’m LOVING it.  It fits exactly what I wanted.  Wayfarer Trials has a couple of large edits to it so it may need a second round of edits as well.  When I rearrange scenes as I’m planning to do, I have to let it sit before I edit it again.  It has to make sense the way I rearrange.  I like the scene I am moving but to have the flow better, I need to move it so I have to write the transition for the scene in a different place.

It is going to be a busy weekend, has been already and I’m not slowing unless I’m forced to.  Hopefully by the end of the weekend I’ll have three manuscripts ready for final edits and moving towards production.

Meanwhile, back in my cave

Tuesday I was unproductive but last night I got a third of a manuscript edited.  I made a point of breaking the papers up so I would have a definitive stopping point.  This helped me get to bed at a reasonable time. 

I’ve been away from the characters and story of the Wayfarers.  I thought I wouldn’t remember where I left off and who the characters would behave but I started reading and it all came back to me. 

It was good to have a goal and meet it.  Work (at my day job) is speeding up and my days have been busy and a bit stressful.  This means by the time I get home, I’m sort of done in.  Being able to fall in and get the editing done is a bonus as when I leave work I think I’m done, I think my brain can’t take any more for the day. 

I come home, have supper with my husband and then turn to my evening actitivies.  Last night it was editing 50 pages of Wayfarer Trials.  This one and seven to me are two of my better stories.  Don’t get me wrong I love the entire series but in these two I bring to culmination some of the longer story lines and start the set up for the next phase for my characters. 

Having let the manuscripts sit for a time, I wasn’t sure I’d like what I wrote and then as I got into the editing, I realized I did like the story, the way things worked out.  When I’m writing I am sometimes taken by surprise when my story takes a twist or turn I wasn’t expecting so when I edit, it’s nice to realize those twists are working well and the turns add a bit of oomph to the story. 

Tonight I plan to work on editing.  I’m hoping to finish the manuscript I’m working on.  Hopefully this weekend I can make the updates to the computer for the two manuscripts and shift them into production mode. 

This will leave me with one more manuscript to edit before I look for another story to work on which will probably be the last Defenders book.  I’m hoping to get that finished this month (or maybe next as my month is filling up).