New Project

Finished the second afghan I was working on. It was a quick one with a large hook and large lacy pattern. I think it turned out nicely with the pattern featuring the beautiful yarn. Next I’m moving on to the afghan for my oldest daughter.

I started it last night but may have to tear it out as I think the hook is not large enough to meet the gauge. The two rows I did are only about three feet wide. This will make it more shawl like than afghan.

I’m using Patton Metallic yarn which I had a hard time getting and cost a fortune. However, it is worth it because the yarn works up beautifully.  It is a silver color and looks like spun silver.  It is soft and beautiful. 

Every time I start a new project I’m excited to try something new.  I think this is why I don’t often do the same pattern twice for the larger projects.  I do for smaller projects because they just work up nicely and multiples are more likely to be needed (like for dishtowels and other household stuff).

There is an anticipation and excitement of whether I’ll like the project, be able to do it, and how it will turn out.  It is exciting to see it develop.  It is generally only the projects that take forever that I end up getting annoyed with.

After this afghan I have one more to do and when they are both done I’m going to work on a project I’ve been wanting to do for myself (hopefully) as well as the smaller projects I need to start for gifts. 

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