Open for Business.

I took the plunge today and started my shop on my website. This is an exciting step for me. I'm able to offer discounts and sales more easily than anywhere else. Right now there's only a few items listed. I've got two book series listed for sale and a few crochet patterns which can be … Continue reading Open for Business.

Foolish Mortal Making Plans

Finished an afghan and started another, this was in my plan for yesterday but driving to Prairie Du Chien wasn't.  My middle daughter needed some help so we met her in Prairie Du Chien.  I woke up with a well thought out plan in order to get some tasks done around the house and with … Continue reading Foolish Mortal Making Plans

Beware the Exploding Head

I spent my night reading a manuscript and editing it.  I see the weaknesses in it and know where I need to improve the story.  I did some minor edits but I'm at a stage where I need to do my searches and print it for a thorough editing.  I have no name for the … Continue reading Beware the Exploding Head

New Project

Finished the second afghan I was working on. It was a quick one with a large hook and large lacy pattern. I think it turned out nicely with the pattern featuring the beautiful yarn. Next I'm moving on to the afghan for my oldest daughter. I started it last night but may have to tear … Continue reading New Project