Last night I didn’t sleep well at all. It made for a rough morning and me feeling tired all day. But I still got all my tasks done I had on my list on Asana. I have a long list for tomorrow but it’s all good.

Since I finished the short story for the anthology, I went looking for something new to work on. I don’t have any Ava books on my schedule for the next year so I went looking for one which might be close enough for me to finish soonish. Sacrificed to the Sea Monster is one I enjoyed writing before I got distracted. So I started reading it and I’ve managed to get 2600 done on it today. It gives me about 11,000 words in the story so far.

I enjoyed rereading what I’d written and still love the concept. I jumped in and started writing. It’s flowing well and I’m enjoying the story. Sex and the ocean – both underwater and above. How can you resist? They have gotten to know each other and are learning to accept each other.

Next is to develop the little safe harbor they have and develop their characters. The plot is necessary – yes even with it being a sex book plot is important. I have a little mythology and a bit of danger I plan to put in. At least as much as I plan.

Tomorrow I’ll be setting up books in Book Bub and Goodreads. I have some books2read links to create as well as a whole list of things to get done. I’m also hoping to have more time to write.

Tonight – I’m calling it good and attempting to get some sleep. My eyes are tired – really my whole body is tired. At least I managed to get some writing in before my brain crashed.

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