Only the best scenes…

Yesterday I got another tentative acceptance.  I wrote a different take on the topic for an issue and the editor thought it was different and might fit in the issue.  She's holding it until then.  Last night I was tired.  My energy level was in the basement.  I wanted to write but my brain was … Continue reading Only the best scenes…

Morning Blahs

This morning I'm on my own in the house.  It's an odd thing to happen on a Saturday but Ken is off doing other stuff.  Whatever will I do on my own? I've sorted had breakfast, sorted laundry, and checked out my sales.  I've been on Facebook, Linkedin, and Goodreads.  It's surprising how much time … Continue reading Morning Blahs

Escape with a Good Book

I'm still on a reading spurt.  I am reading the Fablehaven series.  It is a good series for young adults full of adventure, magic, fairies, and fun.  The roles are a bit traditional for my tastes but I freely admit this is my own hang up.  Writing tasks are screaming at me while I spend … Continue reading Escape with a Good Book

Perfect Weather

Yesterday and today - no air conditioning on.  This is highly unusual for me as I can't handle the heat and humidity.  It has been pleasant to have the fresh air and cooler temperatures.  The weather is almost idyllicI finally finished the Harry Potter Deathly Hallows in the car.  Now I have to figure out … Continue reading Perfect Weather