What is up with the Wisconsin politicians being such idiots?  I think the middle and lower class people get that budgets need to be adhered to.  I think that this group of people KNOW better than anyone that they have to live within their means.  I think our politicians haven’t a damn clue what it takes to live within a budget and manage on less. 

If they did, they wouldn’t be trying to break this group of people.  They’d be looking at what hurts this group of people and trying to fix it.  Ron Johnson has put out a budget – I’m afraid to go look.  I’m betting it is a rework of Paul Ryan’s budget. 

If you take money away from the poor, they don’t work harder because they are already working damn hard.  They just get poorer.  Crime goes up because if you can’t afford food and you can’t get help to buy food, then you are going to steal it.  If you go to the rich neighborhoods and steal their toys and sell it then you have money for food or gas or….

I’m baffled by how inane these people seem to be.  They are telling me to tighten my belt while they give the big corporations tax breaks.  How is that right?  How is that taking care of the constituents in your district?  They want to take away my right to choose.   They want to end health care, social security, and other things that help the poor.  Why?  How can the poor and the middle classes make up for the trillions of dollars in the deficit? 

The deficit grew by leaps and bounds when Bush (the bastard) gave the oil companies, corporations, and rich people all these tax benefits.  Here’s a thought.  If those tax benefits were the cause of the deficit and essentially the economy tanking, then logically we should take those tax benefits away.  Right? 

I forgot.  These are greedy and selfish people who don’t care about their neighbors or their country.  They just want to line their own pockets. 

I’m so sick of this debate.  The people have spoken.  If you can’t hear them then you are in the WRONG job.  It is time for you to go.  If you won’t go willingly, then we will vote you out. 

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