Productivity bottoms out…

I got my hubby from the airport just fine last night and even though it was 5:00 on a Friday night, traffic wasn’t horrible.  We had one stretch of parking lot like traffic but still managed to get home by 6:30.

We spent a nice night together before he went to bed.  I was tired so planned to go to bed early.  Then my sister texted me a couple of times.  Then my oldest daughter texted me and I called her.  We talked until 12:30.  It was one of those good conversations.

At 12;30 I had every intention of going to sleep.  I meant to.  I meant to just turn out the light and crash.  Instead I pulled out my net book and started writing.  A scene was bouncing around in my head.  I couldn’t get the scene out of my head.  I had to get it on paper.  I started writing.  At 3:30 in the morning I stopped writing but only because my eyes hurt and were watering.  I turned out the light and struggled to get to sleep until 4:30… then I woke up at 7;30 wishing I could sleep for another two or ten hours.

I finally gave in to wakefulness and got up at 9:00.  By 11:00 I was ready for a nap.  I didn’t get one.  I was either texting or talking to a variety of people all day long.  It seems the moratorium on my peace and quiet so I can write is up and now everyone wants my attention.

I did get a lot done and last night I wrote 5300 words.  Today I’ve written about 3300 words.  I’m making progress but not as quickly as when people were leaving me alone.

Since the people bugging me are my daughters, I’m okay with that.  I’ve had good conversations with all three of them, one of my nieces and one of my sisters.  It was a busy day.  Tomorrow will probably be just as busy but I’ll see how things go.

I swear I’m going to bed early and getting up early so I can get stuff done tomorrow.  At least that is what I mean to do… yeah – I know that didn’t work so well last night.

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