Roller Coaster Life

I feel like I’m on a roller coaster.  I was upset yesterday because I looked at my school account under financial aid and it said no financial aid for 2012 (meaning Fall 11 – Spring 12).  I thought I wouldn’t be able to go back to school.  I was disappointed. 

I called the financial aid office to see why and if there was anything I could do about it.  I got a young woman who confused the hell out of me.  I asked questions and she couldn’t answer them.  I quickly realized she didn’t have any idea. 

Fortunately, I am persistent.  I got the name of the woman I needed to talk to and emailed her questions.  This morning I got her response.  She cleared up a lot of my confusion and informed me that as a Special Student (no comments here from my smart ass family and friends) I need to be going for a degree not just taking classes.  All I have to do to qualify for financial aid is have my advisor email her some information. 

Today, I emailed my advisor and set up an appointment.  We discussed a little of what I want to do.  Tonight after I had time to go through things, I emailed her a list of questions. 

It seems like I’ll be able to go to school.  I’m excited about it and hope that I can do what I want to do.  I’ve gone from being disappointed yesterday to excited today.  Tomorrow who knows what I’ll be feeling…

2 thoughts on “Roller Coaster Life

  1. Hope it all works out and I am proud of your persistance (although not that suprised seeing as I worked with you for awhile and admire your ethics!). Good luck with the learning!

  2. Thanks… I am persistant… 🙂 I'm really looking forward to the education. It still makes me a bit nervous to invest this much money but it is something I really want…

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