Our family cannot hang on to gifts till the day of the celebration for anything.  There is just no way for them to have patience enough to be able to wait to give a gift.  So Friday when Ken came in and was all secretive and stealthy, I knew something was up. 
Then he comes to the living room and asks Vicki “Should I give it to her now?”  Of course that is a ridiculous question because he was already planning to give it to me.  Our anniversary isn’t until June but he can’t wait that long to give it to me.
He produces a little pink box.  My first reaction was – Pink – really – you had to wrap it in my least favorite color?  Pink wrapping paper and pink bow… I gave him grief over that.  He didn’t wrap it, the store did.  It was beautifully wrapped..
I open it up and it is a jeweler’s box from my favorite jewelry store.  Now I can’t wear a lot of jewelry so I’m excited and a bit apprehensive too.  If it is a necklace I’ll be able to admire it and not wear it.  I open the white box and there is of course another box inside of it.  I open the inner box and there is the most beautiful pearl ring.  It is stunning and amazing.  I love it!!!!
I didn’t know that pearl was the item you were supposed to give for the 30th anniversary.  Ken did know this.  How I haven’t a clue but he got me the PERFECT gift.  I asked Vicki if she told him and she said no.  He gets lots of bonus points for getting the perfect gift.  He is one amazing guy…

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