Into the Dark

#1 in new releases in Fantasy Anthologies

Release August 10, 2021 – 99c  LIMITED TIME! 

Get it before it goes up

Travel into the dark and discover over a dozen sexy reverse harem stories twisted with superstitious lore.

Hell’s Princess cursed into finding her destiny

A witch cursed to be mortal.

Demons fighting hexes.

Vampires in need of some luck…and more!

From sizzling slow-burn attraction to steamy-goodness, there is something for every romance lover.

Grab your copy today and don’t miss out on this limited-edition collection! All proceeds benefit a mental health charity. In darkness, find light, love, and adventure!

Includes titles:

Hell’s Curse by Eve Newton;

Curses Bite by Ginna Moran; Lupine:

Pigs Might Fly by Hanleigh Bradley;

Bloody Lucky by Cali Mann; Dahlia:

With a Side of Fries by Tabitha Barret;

Sweet Lunacy by Avery Stone;

Insurrection Chapters 1-3 by R.L. Caulder & M. Sinclair;

Menace to the Assassins (An Academy of Assassin’s novel) by Stacey Brutger;

My Soul to Keep by Debbie Cassidy;

Death’s Deeds by A.J. Macey & M.J. Marstens;

Deflated by Eva Delaney & Mia Harlan;

Dreaming of Me by Melissa Adams;

Friday by Amelia K. Oliver & Eileen Troemel;

Infernally Taken by Jewels Arthur

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