Sleep isn’t Necessary – Right?

I tried really hard to be good and go to sleep early last night.  I lay in the dark trying to shut down my mind but it just didn’t work. 

My niece rescued me from tossing and turning for hours by calling.  After I talked to her, I knew it was hopeless to try to sleep so I worked on a story.  I went from 7600 words to 15000.  I also know the next three or four steps in the story.

At 11:00 I tried to go to sleep but only slept for an hour and then I was awake again.  The rest of the night was hit or miss with only one long stretch of about an hour and a half sleeping. 

Plan for tonight – not even try sleeping until I’ve written for several hours.  I’m not turning my computer off until I can’t see the screen anymore.  Maybe then I’ll get a stretch of sleep longer than an hour or so. 

On the plus side, the story I’ve been writing is developing nicely.  The characters are becoming stronger, secondary characters are falling into place, and the plot is coming along.  I have the next three or four scenes planned out in my head; I just have to get them down on paper. 

I’m also losing large chunks of time in the evenings with writing.  I look at the clock in the early evening and the next time I look it is several hours later.  The only disturbance is when someone calls or texts me or when I get annoyed with the music I’m listening to and decide it is time for quiet in the house. 

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