Must Type Faster

Sleep didn’t work last night.  I tried twice to go to sleep before I gave up and wrote.  Just before 1:00 am, I turned the light off to try sleeping a third time.  I finally got to sleep but was awake again at 4.  This sucks.

On the up side, I worked on my story last night.  I finished off the scene I was writing and started another.  I have seven scenes in my head that I think will flow and move the plot forward nicely.  I’m up over 20,000 words in three days. 

I’m in love with my two main characters.  I’m not sure where they are taking me quite yet.  I have glimpses of what will happen to them but these come to me as I’m moving through one scene and into the next. 

The change in mind frame for me when I’m writing is amazing.  I write and even when I’m frustrated with not finding the right words or not describing the scene the way I want everything else fades away.  The headache I’ve had for three days, the aches, the pain I deal with daily, all fade away.  It annoys me when I’m interrupted by anything. 

Not only am I narrowing my vision to the screen I’m looking at but I’m going to a different place in my head than the crazy repetitive place that won’t stop when I try to sleep.  My focus is so narrow, the music I play often fades away.  Although sometimes I hear the same song and then I get annoyed.  Never mind that hours have passed since I heard it the first time. 

One of my biggest problems is I can’t seem to type fast enough.  I’ll find myself reading over what I wrote and will have missed words.  It is a rough draft but it has to be comprehensive enough to edit when I finish the first draft.  I type fairly fast but the words are tumbling out of my fingers so fast I’m skipping words.  This will make the editing process fun. 

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