Jamie Della

Jamie Della and I connected through a mutual friend. She writes non-fiction. Author bio JAMIE DELLA has studied magick and spirituality from around the world for more than twenty years. As a practitioner of healing arts, she leads workshops and ritual retreats on earth-based spirituality. Jamie is the author of eight books, including The Book of … Continue reading Jamie Della

The Universal Mind

The Universal Mind by Peter Weisz Genre: Speculative Non-fiction, Spiritual, Mystical Are we all slaves to a gross illusion? Who are we? What is the mind, what is consciousness and what is reality? This book offers educated answers and explanations to all these questions and more. This book motivates the reader to reconsider everything they … Continue reading The Universal Mind

Spiritual Kick in the Bum

John Edward was in Milwaukee on Friday.  He is a medium and I watched his show for years.  I'm a skeptic.  I believe there are people who have a higher level of connection with spirits (or maybe they just don't have enough walls).  However, before I'm willing to pay or believe, they have to validate … Continue reading Spiritual Kick in the Bum