by TK Lawyer

Stuck in a loveless marriage, Kim wants out.

After more than ten years of dedication to her best friend, Tom has given up.  Now, Kim wants her freedom.  Yet, Kim also craves a loving future with someone who feels the same- one day.  Can true love exist after a decade of heartbreak?

Aeron hasn’t found his fated mate. 

As a co-guardian and the leader and founder of the prestigious, voluntary group of angels called The Guardian League, he has little extra time to ponder his lack of luck.  Still, over the past several centuries, he has imagined his perfect match- his elusive minx with a unique, balanced blend of fiery, spirited plus a dash of nice topped with extra naughty. 

Sadly, she exists only in fantasy. Till one day he walks into a line of customers after spotting her, seated at a table, beside her husband.

Aeron is disappointed. Yet, Kim is unhappy, and Aeron can’t walk away.

Will Kim find the courage to end a painful, ongoing, relationship for a possible future of happiness?  Or will fear of losing her best friend close the door, permanently, for her?

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She suddenly felt as if she was sitting on the blow-stack of a steamboat. Images of his broad chest naked beamed a wave of unexplainable hot flashes through her. She was nowhere near menopause. Wow. Who seated this amazing, gorgeous bundle of temptation next to her? Suddenly, the lunch cruise became a hell of a lot more entertaining.

There he was, staring at her with those beautiful grey-colored eyes and that slightly upturned mouth that bore a hint of mischief. With a man like him, she imagined there would be a lot of long, hot and sweaty nights. Her throat suddenly went raw, and she coughed, continuing with a strange raspy sound to her throat clearing. Tom urged her to take a drink while Mr. Adonis’s smile widened in a look of amusement. She grabbed the glass in front of her and chugged several swigs while Tom engaged Aeron in conversation. She dropped the glass onto the table and belched. Oh, shit! Did she just do that? Tom and Aeron laughed, bemused by her plight. Freaking hell. She willed a hole to open below her chair and swallow her, but nothing happened. Her eyes darted back and forth toward the restroom door, contemplating whether she should escape that way.

“Nice to meet you too.” Aeron’s deep and grumbly—but sexy as hell—chuckle soothed her like ocean waves crashing onto a scorched beach.

Well, the belch was pretty funny, now that she thought about it.

“At least I got the embarrassing part out of the way, or I hope I did.” Laughter picked up again, but this time Kim joined in.
“I’m sorry, what was your name again?” Kim figured she’d better learn his name rather than pretend throughout lunch that she knew it.

“It’s Aeron.” There it was again, his gorgeous smile. Perfect white teeth displayed in impeccable, kissable lips. Freaking crap, Kim, reign yourself in.

She pictured him in a suit and then pictured him without one, uttered a loud snort, and started coughing again.
“Are you okay?” Tom said. “Kim? Take a drink. Here.” Tom handed her his glass.

Kim sensed all eyes on her as she gasped for air. How the hell was this happening? Oh, sweet Lord please let me compose myself before they start doing the Heimlich on me or something. She took the glass and sipped it this time, willing the darn tickle in the back of her throat to subside. She set the glass down and wiped her mouth with her hand. What came over her? It happened because she took one look at Aeron—no scratch that. She thought of him nude, that’s what did it. She licked her lips at the thought of him naked, again, and found his eyes following her tongue…

Or was that her imagination?

“You okay now?” Tom asked.

“Yeah, I hope so.” She shook her head. “I’m sorry. Something must be affecting me. Maybe it’s my allergies.”