Definitely Fall

The smell of cooking apples is one of my favorites for fall.  Ken stopped at his cousin’s to pick up apples.  Yesterday with all our other things we made applesauce. 
My recipe is simple.  Buy MacIntosh apples because they are the best.  Cut them up – leave in seeds, skins and just slice them up into big chunks.  Place them in a pan – with either a bit of water (to prevent burning) or Mott’s applejuice.  This is just a couple tablespoons.  Cook until they are mush.  Put through the sieve.  Put in half pint jars.  Put in a water bath for about eight minutes. 

We did one batch this way.  The second batch we added red hots to.  Both turned out beautifully.  When the applesauce was hot, I had some over vanilla ice cream.  It was delicious!

Ken kept one of the jars from the water bath because the two pans we have hold seven jars each.  The left over applesauce got made into applesauce muffins today.  I think they will be scrumptious.    

Fall has come and with it one of my favorite activities – making applesauce.  

Sunday Morning

My morning actually started last night but after a few hours of sleep I’m back at my desk.  I can hear the crackling of the fire Ken has going.  He brought me breakfast this morning which was wonderfully sweet of him.  I’m looking out my window and loving the colors.  Yes we have a gray sky but the trees are just popping out against the gray.  On the tree outside my window there are a few gold leaves hanging on to the branches.  On one branch there is a smattering of them but in another section there is a lone leaf dancing in the wind.  It stubbornly clings to the branch like it is on a mission.  It is that happy gold / yellow color which always puts a smile on my face. 

If I lean over a bit towards the center of my desk, I can see the other tree in our front yard.  It is still plastered with leaves.  I also see the brown leaves on the ground contrasting in color with the still green lawns.  Through the empty branches of the neighbors’ trees I can see the orange and red of the other trees on the street.  There is just something about the colors of this season that gives me such pleasure.  It is a sense of peace. 
The weather has definitely turned colder.  We are in the 30s and 40s at night and aren’t getting much higher than 60 during the day.  It is a relief for me because I’ve never liked the heat of summer and we are now in that wonderful phase of cooler and pleasant before we go to the harsh cold of winter.
Yesterday I got a LOT of stuff done.  I got about a dozen things crossed off my lists.  I worked on stuff from all of my lists from crocheting to the business, to writing, to the longest list of schoolwork.  I spent the afternoon having a wonderful discussion with a friend.  I’ve not had a chance to visit with her in a long time.  It was fabulous to see her and have the time to just gab.  We caught up and talked politics and a variety of other topics.  It was the perfect relaxation I needed in the middle of my very busy day.
Today I’m going to tackle more on my lists.  At this point I sort of know what isn’t going to get done but I’m not quite ready to give up on it.  Maybe if I work really hard and fast I will get to it all.  (Stop laughing it could happen!)  It is time to put my hair up and get busy with all my tasks for the day.   

Saw My Breath

Rushing from the house, I stepped outside, took several hurried steps and stopped just a little short.  It is only mid-September but one exhale showed a short puff of white.  Fall has descended on us.  The nip in the air dipped below freezing last night.  It is a bit early but still it feels good. 

I LOVE fall.  It is my favorite season.  The humidity usually dies away as the hint of winter nips at the wind.  The fall flowers are persistently blooming.  The trees start to shut down and show their brilliance. 

Even the smells of fall are amazing.  There seems to be a hint of wood smoke lingering even if we aren’t the ones having a fire.  There is pumpkin with nutmeg and other fragrant spices.  There is apple cider hot or cold to sip at with cinnamon. 

Fall and harvest obviously go hand in hand.  The crops are starting to dry for harvesting.  The colors change and fade but don’t lose their appeal.  The smell of drying corn as you drive the back roads makes you want corn on the cob.  The bounty of the earth, the grains and fruits are plucked and stored. 

September is just the beginning of this here in Wisconsin.  The corn is still green, hasn’t gone that golden tan yet.  There is a hint of a red gold as the sunset hits the tassels.  Tomatoes plump and full of the summer sunshine are ready to be gathered from the vines.  Will they be a fresh reminder of summer in the depth of winter as salsa or sauce?  No matter the sweet fruit will be tasty when winter chills you to the bone.

Fall is the best time of the year…