Winter weather – it is February

It snowed last night.  It is snowing today.  We are supposed to get about 18 inches of snow overnight.  I understand this is a lot of snow and that it will be compounded by the high winds we are also supposed to be getting. 
I don’t understand why the news has to make such a HUGE deal out of it.  Here’s the thing – it is winter.  In winter we get snow which may or may not be accompanied by high winds.  If you are used to Wisconsin weather then you know this and know how to handle it. 
It doesn’t make a lot of difference other than I might have to leave earlier to get to work.  Or worst case scenario, I get to stay home and sit in front of the fireplace because there is too much snow for me to get through on the roads.  Maybe that is best case scenario… look at that I’m 47 (well almost) and I’m hoping for a snow day…
It is winter and in Wisconsin this means we don’t need to be overly dramatic about a snow storm that sweeps through.  Yes we need information – like when is it going to hit, how much, driving conditions and so on.  We don’t need sensationalism that will cause panic – or in my case annoyance.

I wrote all of this above while comfy inside my work.  Then I walked out to my car and the wind nearly blew me off my feet.  It is hazardous out there but at the same time we don’t need the drama we just need facts.