My wish for the semester was that I wouldn’t have to struggle through a lot of cruddy weather when I went out for classes.  So far this semester it has been cool to cold and I’ve had a rainy day or two. 
Today it is snowing.  We are supposed to get up to five inches before tomorrow.  We will see.  The nice thing – I have one class period left and one final exam.  If the sidewalks are challenging at least it wasn’t a full semester of being challenging. 
In nine days, I will officially be done with my second degree.  I will have earned my bachelor of science in English Professional Writing and Book Editing.  This degree was for me.  My passion is writing and to edit.  I love to tell a great story but I also love to fix writing (mine included). 
I was hoping for a grant but sadly didn’t get one.  They only awarded grants to about three percent of those who applied.  While this slows me down, it doesn’t stop me.  I’m still going to move forward and focus on my writing.
The semester comes to an end.  My second career as a student comes to an end.  However, I feel like it is a good ending.  I’ll have opportunities to expand and explore my skills, time to focus on selling myself as a writer, and make steps forward in getting more published.