Wrapping up the semester

We’re reaching the end of the semester.  The busy time of registration is mostly done with a few stragglers still coming in for help.  It’s a wonderful time because some of our students will soon graduate and go out into the world.  At the same time, we say goodbye to those students.

In my job I work with some amazing student workers.  Often the come to me early in their college career and haven’t had a lot of real life experience.  They come to me for advice, assistance, and lessons in work life.  Not all of them are early in their career, some of them come to me late so I only have them for a semester or two.  These I get to help them refine their skills.

For me, the student workers really are what it’s about.  They need the financial help of a job.  When they come to us, I can mentor them in good work practices.

At the end of each semester I end up saying goodbye to one or a lot of them.  It makes me sad to see them leave but I love seeing them move forward with their careers and their lives.  In another few weeks, I’ll be saying goodbye to another batch of my student workers.  I’m already training another group.  But it’s nice to see these young women and men grow and move forward.

Halfway through the Year

It just dawned on me that we are halfway through the year.  My first six months of 2014 have been incredibly busy with writing, family, and work. 

In January, I was disappointed I didn’t get the grant I’d tried for.  I was very disappointed to the point where I thought I’d never have the time or ability to publish my work.  The year started rough for me in other ways too.  Vicki injured her shoulder so I spent a lot of time helping her. 

Between these two things, I thought I would delay more of my writing activities.  I thought it would be the end of the year before I would have any progress at all towards publishing. 

Here we are though halfway through the year and I’ve managed to help Vicki get better and publish three books.  It astounds me that I’ve accomplished so much. 

At the same time, I’m not just sitting back and waiting for the money to roll in – because it won’t.  I’ve been very busy working on marketing material, contacting independent book stores, and doing research on marketing.  I’ve also been editing one book with a second one in the lineup.  I also have two more poetry books I’d like to get out there.  Plus I have two short story books I’d like to compile. 

My daughter also reminded me to go out and google my name to see who was using my material.  I did and contacted several people to have them remove copyrighted material from their web site.  I had a discussion with one gentleman about whether his taking my picture and material and linking to the original site of the material was an infringement of copyright.  Needless to say we did not agree. 

On the plus side I found a very nice site that talked about my article on Dutch Ovens (whatscookingamerica.net) in a very complimentary way.  I was surprised and pleased by his glowing review. 

I graduated college in December, turned 50 in February, and will be celebrating 33 years with my husband this month.  I have to keep reminding myself that I’m progressing in the right direction and some things just progress at a slower rate than I would like. 

Overall, I’d say the first half of my year has been pretty good.  It has had some rough patches but the high points out shine the low ones.  Wonder what kind of mischief I can get up to in the second half of the year?

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My wish for the semester was that I wouldn’t have to struggle through a lot of cruddy weather when I went out for classes.  So far this semester it has been cool to cold and I’ve had a rainy day or two. 
Today it is snowing.  We are supposed to get up to five inches before tomorrow.  We will see.  The nice thing – I have one class period left and one final exam.  If the sidewalks are challenging at least it wasn’t a full semester of being challenging. 
In nine days, I will officially be done with my second degree.  I will have earned my bachelor of science in English Professional Writing and Book Editing.  This degree was for me.  My passion is writing and to edit.  I love to tell a great story but I also love to fix writing (mine included). 
I was hoping for a grant but sadly didn’t get one.  They only awarded grants to about three percent of those who applied.  While this slows me down, it doesn’t stop me.  I’m still going to move forward and focus on my writing.
The semester comes to an end.  My second career as a student comes to an end.  However, I feel like it is a good ending.  I’ll have opportunities to expand and explore my skills, time to focus on selling myself as a writer, and make steps forward in getting more published.  

Busy Weekend

Yesterday was filled with tasks and today will be the same.  In the morning we went to Sorgs to get supplies for Thanksgiving.  We came home and I worked on my paper which is due on Tuesday.  We spent some time together watching tv and having lunch before we went to Ken’s brother’s retirement party.  Then it was back home to have supper and watch more dvr stuff while I crocheted.  I finished watching The White Queen series last night while I worked on another scarf for Vicki (one she is giving away). 
In the mail yesterday I got a package from Circle Magazine and was please to find a poem and essay were published of mine published inside.  The art on the page by Sophia Gill is beautiful.  She made a stylized tree which fits the poem and the essay beautifully. 
Today will be a homework day.  Ken will go to the grocery store to gather up the last of the Thanksgiving items we need.  I will work on finishing my paper, reading two chapters, diagramming four or five sentences, doing an exercise, and starting the research on my final project.
I only have three weeks left (I think) and I’m ready to be done.  Once classes are done I will have earned my second degree.  I’m not walking for graduation – it doesn’t seem worthwhile to me to sit through a ceremony which will have no relevance for me.  I’m not going out to conquer the world with my degree.  I got this degree for me – to improve my writing and editing skills. 

It promises to be a busy day as I have a lot of homework to do and some crocheting I want to get done as well.  So much to do and hardly enough time to do it in – I’m looking forward to not being in school any longer so I can focus on my writing and crocheting rather than homework.