Good to the Last Death

It’s a Wonderful Midlife Crisis
Good To the Last Death Book 1
by Robyn Peterman
Genre: Paranormal Women’s Fiction
A Paranormal Women’s Fiction with a bit of class, and a lot of sass, for anyone who feels like age is just a number!
Whoever said life begins at forty must have been heavily medicated, drunk, or delusional.
Thirty-nine was a fantastic year. I was married to the man I loved. I had a body that worked without creaking. My grandma, who raised me, was still healthy, and life was pretty damned good.
But as they say, all good things come to an end. I’d honestly love to know who ’they’ are and rip them a new one.
One year later, I’m a widow. My joints are starting to ache. Gram is in the nursing home, and dead people think my home is some kind of supernatural bed and breakfast. Gluing body parts onto semi-transparent people has become a side job—deceased people I’m not even sure are actually there. I think they need my help, but since I don’t speak dead, we’re having a few issues.
To add to the heap of trouble, there’s a new dangerously smokin’ hot lawyer at the firm who won’t stop giving me the eye. My BFF is thrilled with her new frozen face, thanks to her plastic surgeon, her alimony check, and the miracle of Botox. And then there’s the little conundrum that I’m becoming way too attached to my ghostly squatters… Like Cher, I’d like to turn back time. Now.
No can do.
Whatever. I have wine, good friends, and an industrial sized box of superglue. What could possibly go wrong?
Everything, apparently.
All in all, it’s shaping up to be a wonderful midlife crisis…
Whose Midlife Crisis Is It Anyway?
Good to the Last Death Book 2
Midlife’s a journey. Enjoy the ride. Crisis included.
Never knew that life after death was far more dangerous than real life.
Never in my forty years did I think my new normal would be gluing body parts back onto ghosts and hosting a houseful of dead squatters. Thank God for superglue and a strong stomach.
Never thought I’d date the Grim Reaper and that I would be the one to blow it. I mean, how idiotic does one have to be to get dumped by a dude who lives in Hell?
Going about business as usual is not usual in any way. No one is who they seem to be… and to be honest, neither am I. What I’d known to be true has turned out to be myth. The Angels are frightening and the Demons are hot. Wait. I mean not. Who am I kidding? The Grim Reaper is very hot—like a freaking pre-menopausal hot flash hot.
Now I’m in a race against time and all sorts of unsavory supernatural horrors to save my deceased gay husband’s afterlife. And that was a sentence I never thought would leave my lips.
Whatever. I’ll yank up my big girl panties, stock up on wine and lean on my girlfriends as needed. As they say, when the going gets tough, the tough get inebriated… or something like that.
With everything to lose, I have no choice but to grow some lady balls. That I can do. I just hope balls will be enough.
I had planned to live midlife in peace, not in pieces.
Good luck to me…
A Most Excellent Midlife Crisis
Good to the Last Death Book 3
Midlife’s a bumpy journey. The ride is a freaking rollercoaster. The crisis is real.
With my life back to normal–normal being a very relative word–one would think I’d catch a break.
One would be very wrong.
With an Angel gunning for me and a Demon in my bed, life couldn’t be more complicated. Not to mention, I’m going to have to make a rather large life choice.
Do I want to live forever?
Does anyone? Forever is a very long time.
Whatever. I’ll think about it tomorrow… or next week… or next month. As long as I have my girlfriends, my dogs, a super-sized case of merlot and my deceased squatters, I’m good to go.
My midlife crisis. My rules. If it doesn’t kill me dead first, I plan to have a most excellent midlife crisis.
NYT and USA Today best selling author, Robyn Peterman writes because the people inside her head won’t leave her alone until she gives them life on paper. She writes snarky, sexy, funny paranormal and snarky, sexy, funny contemporaries.
Her addictions include laughing really hard with friends, shoes (the expensive kind), Target, Coke with extra ice in a Yeti cup, bejeweled reading glasses, her kids, her super-hot hubby and collecting stray animals.
A former professional actress, with Broadway, film and T.V. credits, she now lives in the south with her family and too many animals to count. Writing gives her peace and makes her whole, plus having a job where she can work in her sweatpants works really well for her.
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Guardians of Erin

The Cauldron Stirred
Guardians of Erin, Book One
by Judith Sterling
Genre: YA Fantasy, Paranormal
Ashling Donoghue never dreamed moving to Ireland would rock her perception of reality and plunge her into a mystery that brings legend to life.
At seventeen, she’s never had a boyfriend, but she feels an immediate connection to Aengus Breasal, the son of the wealthy Irishman who’s invited her family to stay at his Killarney estate. For the first time in her life, a guy she likes seems attracted to her.
But Aengus is secretive, with good reason. He and his family are the Tuatha Dé Danann, ageless, mythical guardians adept at shifting between this reality and the magical dimension known as the Otherworld. Evil forces from that world threaten the Breasals, the Donoghues, and all of Ireland. Ashling must open her heart, face her fears, and embrace a destiny greater than she could ever have imagined.
**On Sale for only .99cents June 1st – 25th!!**
The Stone Awakened
Guardians of Erin, Book Two
Since moving to Ireland, Ashling Donoghue has tackled one challenge after another. Now the mystery of her parents’ disappearance seems unsolvable. Are they dead or only missing? No one—not even the godlike Breasals—has a clue. Hope and fear war inside her, but she’s determined to find answers and stay strong for her siblings. Even as she hones newfound powers, her banshee-in-training sister Deirdre needs her support.
Ashling could use a little help herself. She’s struggling to navigate her first romance, and while Aengus Breasal stirs her body, mind, and soul, his nemesis Lorcan does too. Both men harbor secrets about her past life as Caer. One has ties to Aoife, the scheming wind demon whose influence is on the rise.
As the Stone of Destiny awakens, so does the conflict within.
**On Sale for only .99cents June 1st – 25th!!**
The Sword Unsheathed
Guardians of Erin, Book Three
Ashling Donoghue is no closer to finding her parents than she was the night they disappeared. But hope returns as her brother Kian channels the Sword of Light, revealing past-life secrets and truths long suppressed.
The more she learns, the greater she fears the darkness that drowns the Netherworld also drives her. Is Aengus her true love, or is it Lorcan? Does her future wait in shadow or the light?
One point is clear: the threads of her past-self are woven inextricably into the tapestry of her soul. An impossible choice looms before her, and all the while, evil is poised to strike.
Judith Sterling is an award-winning author whose love of history and passion for the paranormal infuse everything she writes. Whether penning medieval romance (The Novels of Ravenwood) or young adult paranormal fantasy (the Guardians of Erin series), her favorite themes include true love, destiny, time travel, healing, redemption, and finding the hidden magic which exists all around us. She loves to share that magic with readers and whisk them far away from their troubles, particularly to locations in the British Isles. Her nonfiction books, written under Judith Marshall, have been translated into multiple languages. She has an MA in linguistics and a BA in history, with a minor in British Studies. Born in that sauna called Florida, she craved cooler climes, and once the travel bug bit, she lived in England, Scotland, Sweden, Wisconsin, Virginia, and on the island of Nantucket. She currently lives in Salem, Massachusetts with her husband and their identical twin sons.
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A Compendium of Characters

A Compendium of Characters
by Mason Bushell
Genre: Short Stories, Fantasy, Paranormal, Mystery, Adventure
The world of imagination is a magical place filled with fantastical stories. Inside A Compendium of Characters you’ll be drawn into myth, legend, and mystery on every page, and across various genres. You’ll meet aliens, vampires, angels, and maybe a ghost or two; discover stranded people, farmers with shotguns and people to save. There’ll be romantic liaisons, fairytale frolics, and mysteries to solve!
**Only .99 cents!!**
Mason is a naturalist in every way and spends much of his time in the nature reserves by his home. His faithful dog Lucy is never too far away, especially when he is experimenting with the culinary arts. Mason loves a good mystery and dreams of opening a restaurant like the Workhouse soon.
$10 Amazon
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A Limited Edition Anthology
Genre: Fantasy, Paranormal
Love mermaids and all creatures aquatic? This limited time anthology is just for you! With more than 700 pages of captivating fiction, you’ll be enchanted by sirens, dive the depths with a mermaid, and fear whether the sea witch is friend or foe.
With stories from:
Catherine Banks
Kai Ellory Viola
Mia Ellas
Anthea Sharp
Kristi Lea
LA Fox
Nicole Zoltack
Mara Amberly
Raine English
Margo Bond Collins
Sara Elizabeth
Mikayla Symonett
Tricia Schneider
Merrie Destefano
Bokerah Brumley
Rachel A. Marks
and Pauline Creeden
Are you ready to dive in before your chance is lost forever? Then order this limited-edition collection of exclusive material from USA Today and award-winning authors
Including the following stories and more! Queen of the Island by Bokerah Brumley Fated to be together, Calder and his mate must overcome the evil nymph that would keep them apart. Seize the Storm by Kristi Lea An Isyre hides from the hunters who killed her family, as far from any ocean as she can be. The fire mage who discovers her secrets has a few of his own. Can they trust each other to face their pasts Touched by a Mermaid by Raine English A secret society. A sea witch bent on revenge. An ancient world in peril. Paranormal Maritime War by Nicole Zoltack A stolen selkie skin just might start a war between the merfolk, the selkies, and the sirens. Racing the Clock by Catherine Banks You will seduce the prince and convince him to give you his soul. If you fail, you will give me your soul for eternity.” The Church of Moon and Sea by Sara Elizabeth She must choose between two loves – the sea or the land. Fury by Merrie Destefano To survive, she made a secret deal in the Underworld. Soul’s Reef – Kai Ellory Viola A mysterious phenomenon. A weird cult. Vaccines needed at the end of the universe – Captain Holloway just needs to get through the reefs. The Sea of Time and Stars by Mara Amberly “A woman watched from just above the water line, her sleek blue hair drifting in the water around her. One moment she was there and the next she was gone; so quickly I could’ve put it down to my imagination or a hallucination from my injuries.”
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Once in a Black Moon

Paranormal/Fantasy Time-Travel Romance
Date Published: March 3, 2020
Publisher: Ink & Magick

 photo add-to-goodreads-button_zpsc7b3c634.png

Chicago journalist Erin Nichols isn’t about to give up when she’s fired for writing an exposé. But when a combination of murder, magic, and celestial events transports her through time and space to 1900 western Canada, city hall corruption becomes the least of her worries.

But the past isn’t any safer. Awaking to learn she may be the victim of some unknown crime, Erin takes shelter with the local Mountie—the picture of upright Canadian fortitude. As tragedy stalks the nearby First Nation reserve, Erin learns from a Romanian mystic that magic is dying, and the fae are turning to their darker natures to survive.

While the reserved and sexy Mountie helps her navigate a time in which she doesn’t belong, the mysterious and seductive conjurer helps her try to find a way home. As they alight feelings and desires Erin never knew she was capable of, she begins to wonder where she truly belongs.

About the Author

D. writes stories she wants to read. Her love of the worlds of fiction led her to earn a Bachelor’s in English from Wright State University.
When she isn’t reading or writing, she’s probably hiking, crafting, watching anime, Korean television, Bollywood, or old movies. She may also be getting her geek on while planning her next steampunk cosplay with friends.

She lives in Wisconsin with her husband (John) and cats (Yin and Nox).

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Broken Triangle

Broken Triangle
Eternal Soulmates Series #1
by Elle W Silver
Genre: Paranormal M/M Romance
Will their love for one another be enough?
Life has just started to look up for Jamie. He has a job at the Moore Manor. He is finally free of his abusive uncle. He has a friend who genuinely cares for him. But when the attentions of the Hotel owner’s son begin to threaten his newfound peace, Jamie worries.
Riley doesn’t appreciate being summoned to Moore Manor. But while at home, he meets the most beautiful young man he’s ever seen. He wants to court the younger man, but his mother complicates his intention with a shocking revelation. Not to mention the Vampire he can’t seem to stop fantasizing about.
Ben’s been sent to find a nuisance witch. He needs to put all thoughts of a destined soul mate out of his head and focus on the task ahead. But when he realizes that the witch is more powerful than he originally thought, his priorities shift. He must now protect the two men with everything he has, even if one of them wants nothing to do with him.
Can Jamie, Riley, and Ben navigate their complicated lives, the threat of a wicked witch with a grudge and their forbidden love for one another?
Broken Triangle is the first installment in the Eternal Soulmates Series, a sexy saga of stories about vampires, witches, werewolves, and humans. If you love your stories steamy, action-packed and emotional, then you’ll love Elle W Silver’s first book.
Broken Triangle is not a standalone. The story continues in Eternal Soulmates Series #2.
**Get it FREE!! **
Growing up Elle was the girl sitting in a corner with her nose in a book. For as long as she could remember, she would journey to different destinations around the world with the characters she met in the many books she read.
So when she turned fifteen, it was not surprising that she found herself ready to create her own world of characters. The Paranormal world was particularly intriguing, especially immortal vampires and the humans sharing their fascinating existence.
Her first book was not published and got lost somewhere in the midst of her life. Her love of stories- literature, Movies and TV,only intensified as she got older, becoming a major part of her life.
Soon, she would find herself working as a freelance writer (a girl has to pay her bills) all the while sharing her life with voices in her head that screamed for an outlet. She saw an opportunity to give life to her characters when she stumbled on self-publishing and her first Paranormal romance series- The Eternal Flame Series was born.
A tea addict, Elle also has a powerful love for Music and her ever expanding Family. She is overjoyed to share her love for Romance with all her readers and grateful for their unending support.
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To Weave a Highland Tapestry

To Weave a Highland Tapestry
A Tale from the Order of the Dragon Knights
by Mary Morgan
Genre: Time Travel/Scottish Medieval/Paranormal Romance
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press, Inc
Publication Date: December 9, 2019
Patrick MacFhearguis, hardened by battles won and lost, desires what he can never have—peace within his heart and soul. Yet, the ever-meddling Fae weave a new journey for him to conquer—a task this Highlander is determined to resist.
When skilled weaver, Gwen Hywel, is commissioned to create a tapestry for the MacFhearguis clan she embraces the assignment. While seeking out ideas, she finds herself clutching the one thread that can alter the tapestry of her heart and life.
A man conflicted by past deeds. A woman with no family of her own. Is it possible for love to unravel an ancient past in order to claim two badly scarred hearts? Or will the light of hope be doused forever?
Award-winning Celtic paranormal and fantasy romance author, Mary Morgan, resides in Northern California with her own knight in shining armor. However, during her travels to Scotland, England, and Ireland, she left a part of her soul in one of these countries and vows to return.
Mary’s passion for books started at an early age along with an overactive imagination. Inspired by her love for history and ancient Celtic mythology, her tales are filled with powerful warriors, brave women, magic, and romance. It wasn’t until the closure of Borders Books where Mary worked that she found her true calling by writing romance. Now, the worlds she created in her mind are coming to life within her stories.
If you enjoy history, tortured heroes, and a wee bit of magic, then time-travel within the pages of her books.
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Four Ever

Title: Four Ever

Book two in the Everly Davis Chronicles

Author: Amelia K Oliver

Released Date: January 29, 2020

Cover Artist: DAZED Designs

Editor: Eileen Troemel


“Five of us stand between a vengeful God, his monsters and end of the world.”

As Queen of the seas, the fate of the world now rests upon my shoulders. My powers are raw and untapped, I must learn to harness them quickly before my father kills me and everything I love.

With just four weeks before Poseidon plans to wipe out all of humankind, my men and I must work together to formulate a plan to destroy him, adding one more problem to the mix could make or break us.

As a Selkie army moves closer and closer and other outside forces threaten to destroy all that I hold dear, can we survive long enough to put that plan into action?

Should we fail, it would mean the end.

⚠️ This is a reverse harem novel suitable for over 18’s ONLY. Rape and domestic violence are mentioned in this book. Sexually explicit scenes. Heavy M/M scenes. I would love for you to read this book, but please be aware of these advisements. Mental health is extremely important. ⚠️

About the Author:

Amelia Oliver lives at the seaside in England with her husband and son, Oliver. When she’s not busy being a mum and wife, she writes. Luckily, her husband supports her 100% and helps her bring life to the characters in her head, who demands she writes their story. If there’s one thing Amelia doesn’t like it’s to choose, and neither does her fictional women. That’s why she’s writing in the reverse harem genre, where her heroines will never have to choose just one guy.

Amelia is no stranger to mental and physical health problems, so she loves writing about women who overcome struggles. Amelia is a self-proclaimed potty mouth with a naughty sense of humour. Seriously, who said “he/she said” jokes aren’t funny???

Author Link:

Buy Links

Four Ever

Never Ever – book one in the Everly Davis Chronicles

Watch for the final installment in the Everly Davis Series – Ever Lasting

Steel Heart

 photo RJ Blain - Steel Heart_zpsagx5rqyf.jpg
Jesse Alexander, #2
Urban Fantasy/Paranormal
Publisher: Pen & Page Publishing
Date Published: December 25, 2019

 photo add-to-goodreads-button_zpsc7b3c634.png

With the Hope Diamond locked around her throat, Jesse Alexander finds herself in the unfortunate position of being a walking national treasure. With the Starfall stone poised to pulse and flood the world with more of its magic, she must figure out how to remove it before she becomes its pawn yet again.

Unfortunately, the stone has a mind—and plans—of its own. Add in a determined tiger, a wolf out for revenge, and an ultimatum to find her clan’s missing Starfall stone, and it will take all of Jesse’s wit and cunning to survive with her life—and her heart—intact.

About the Author

RJ Blain suffers from a Moleskine journal obsession, a pen fixation, and a terrible tendency to pun without warning.

In her spare time, she daydreams about being a spy. Her contingency plan involves tying her best of enemies to spinning wheels and quoting James Bond villains until satisfied.

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J.C. Seal

J.C Seal and I met through social media. She’s from Germany which is on my list of places to visit! She also mentions one of my favorite authors – Anne McCaffrey!

Author Bio

Janina Carol (J.C.) Seal

I’m from Germany, from the beautiful Black Forest area. I live in a small townhouse with my loving husband, my wonderful teenage daughter and my eighteen years old tomcat. To pay my bills, I work part time as a lab technician in cancer research. I only started writing in October 2018, but loved to read all my life.

Maybe you wonder, why does someone from Germany write in English? I still remember the first English book I ever read. Staying in the USA as an exchange student when I was sixteen, I picked a random book at a public library, ending up with “Dragonsong” by Anne McCaffrey. It was the beginning of my passion for stories reaching beyond the confines of the mortal human world, and also the beginning of my love for a language that’s so much more expressive than my native tongue. When finally risking the step from reader to writer, the language was out of question.

When I’m not writing, I like playing computer games or watching crime series on TV. I’m also part of the parents’ council at my daughter’s school and a committee member of the garden club around the corner.

Tell us about yourself.

Hi, my pen name is Janina Carol (J.C.) Seal. I’m 47 years old. I live in Germany, in a small townhouse, with my husband, daughter and tomcat.

When did you know you wanted to be an author?

All this started in October 2019, followed by the craziest months in my life. I’ve always loved reading, but never thought about writing before. It was triggered by a dream I couldn’t get out of my head. A switch was flipped inside my head. Suddenly all those words were there, inside me, pressing their way out. I published a free fan-fiction short story playing in Aimee Easterling’s werewolf world, in October 2018 on AO3.

My pen-name Janina Carol (J.C.) Seal was created on Wed, Nov 14, 2018 at 10:32 AM. It was originally only meant for a short story I co-authored with Aimee Easterling. About the same time, I started writing Fallen Angels.

What genres do you like to read?  Are these the same genres you write in?

Let’s answer this in reverse. After writing Fallen Angels (Angels and Demons, Book one), I asked my editor TE Tim Blackburn ( what genre it would fit. He told me, it was fantasy, paranormal, adventure with a bit of romance. It turned out, these are also the genres I like to read the most. I obviously unconsciously chose to write what I like to read.

Is your book for adults, young adults or children?

It is suited for new adults and adults. It is a romance, after all, so there are some love scenes in it.

What is your current release or project?

My current release (December 2019) is the second book in the Angels-and Demons series. It’s called Angels Descendants. Part of it playes in Greece, where the main character of this book has been born. There will be Greek Gods and mythology, lightning and thunder, burned houses, a love story of course, and you will be introduced to Lucifer’s son.

I have also finished writing the first draft of book three, Angels Nemesis.

Another project I have been part of is the 31 Overlook Hotel – 31 authors, one hotel of a story. Book collaboration at its finest! 31 authors working together in one book – and I mean, working together, not just writing a chapter each‼️ Characters from each author’s book, invited to an All Hallows Masquerade Ball, now stuck at 31 Overlook Hotel, a hotel that defies Space and Time. The only way to ever leave this creepy place again, is to solve the mystery that holds them in its grasp. And the best thing is, it’s for FREE!

Join us at the 31 Overlook Hotel here:

Tell us about the key characters

The protagonist of book two is Jason Tim, a young man who has denied his heritage all his life, calling his father a nutcase, running away from home. Until one day, something happens that turns his whole life upside down. He suddenly finds himself on The Chariot, the ancient vessel of the Gods, a place only known from history books. Realizing that his father told the truth all along, he must return to Earth to find him. Finally back, he is hunted by unknown foes, needs to come to terms with the changes in his life, and unravel the mystery of his own heritage. Learning that his girlfriend had been blackmailed to spy on him, he needs to unravel her heritage as well to keep her safe from abilities she cannot control, while struggling to accept his new role within the Angel community.

What is your blurb or synopsis of the book?

I think my description of the main character would do well as blurb. Lovely, by asking that question, you just saved me a lot of time writing a blurb!

Glad to help! Share an excerpt

Angels Descendants

Angels and Demons, Book two


The truck came out of nowhere. It crashed into the driver’s side of my old Chrysler with the bone chilling screech of metal on metal, the sound of grating metal rattling though my mind as my head hit the frame of the car with brutal force. Celine screamed next to me, then my world went dark. I don’t know how long I faded in and out of consciousness. Everything that happened afterwards was a blur. Celine was repeating my name again, and again, between sobs. Excruciating pain raging along the left side of my body, accompanied by the sirens of the ambulance. Suddenly, a blinding light struck my eyes…

“The pupils don’t react, severe trauma of body and brain. He needs to go to emergency surgery – NOW!”

An oxygen mask appeared on my face. I felt myself fade away into oblivion.



Coming to my senses again, standing in the middle of nowhere, everything around me was plain white, except for me. I looked down at my body, frowning. I knew I had been hurt quite severely in the car crash. Why did everything appear to be whole?

“Well, I guess I’m dead, then,” I spoke aloud, hearing my voice as a faint whisper. The whiteness swallowed all sound.

Was this heaven or hell? I had been an ordinary person, not bad or evil, but no saint, either. Baptized a Catholic, going to church was part of my life only on Christmas Eve once a year. Not really believing in any religion, where would I end up? Was there really a heaven, or a hell?

A sound to my left made me turn. I walked toward it. After a moment, agitated voices filtered through the white haze. They were speaking a strange language I was amazingly able to understand.

“It wasn’t my decision. You know very well why we stopped going down to help,” a woman spat out.

A male voice responded. “How did he get up here. He shouldn’t be here at all! He’s none of our business.”

“He was supposed to have a future, marry his girlfriend, have children. Because we neglected our jobs as Guardians, we have to deal with the consequences now!” a third, younger voice chimed in.

“Be quiet, Deedee, you’re much too young for this,” the first two voices replied in unison.

A sarcastic laugh reached my ears. “Too young? It doesn’t matter how old I am compared to you. I came of age a long time ago. I was born down there. Let me go back, start doing what we were created to do again. Maybe, I can do a better job than you, Dad! Perhaps, you’re getting too old!” the third voice replied icily.

A sigh escaped my lips. This couldn’t be true. They were bickering about failures. I shouldn’t even be here? The hit to my head must have made me go crazy, all this just a figment of my imagination. If my memory served me right, one of the doctors had mentioned brain damage. It seemed like I just had to find out.

My sigh must have reached their ears, because “Dad” called out.

“Since you’ve heard us, you might as well come over here, boy.”

I slowly started to make my way through the whiteness, until my left shin thumped into something solid. My left side tingled. I cried out in remembered pain.

“Oh, Dad, that’s enough now!”

The voice, belonging to the girl, sounded annoyed. Somebody clapped hands. The fog lifted to reveal a storage space full of wooden crates, old furniture, historic statues, other strange looking clutter. Where had I ended up, a smuggler’s den? The storage area of a museum? Looking down, I could see a small metal chest. That’s what my leg had bumped. Turning around, I finally took in the persons belonging to the voices that had reached my ears.

A bearded man with long, slightly curly hair. His brown hair mixed with white. He was tall, broad-shouldered, with a well-toned body clad in tight-fitting jeans and shirt. His silver-grey eyes flashed in my direction with barely concealed ire. The woman looked younger than the man. She had long brown hair. She had a friendly smile on her lips. Her well-formed body was concealed by a flowing ankle-length dress. The daughter was stunningly beautiful! Her strawberry blonde hair was braided in intricate patterns around her head. She grinned at me openly. I felt myself blush as my eyes travelled down the length of her sparsely clad body.

She held out her hand. I shook it with my mouth hanging slightly open, my brain muddled with desire.

“Welcome to the Chariot,” she greeted me.

Do you have a favorite scene?

Yes, I do.

Sword still in hand, I turned to Zeus, looking him in the eyes. The attitude towards his offspring reminded me so much of my own father, it was impossible to stifle the words gushing uncensored out of my mouth.

“How can they grow tall, if you keep them locked up in a golden cage?

How can they grow strong, if they never feel the harsh rays of the midday sun, or the chill of night?

How can they grow roots that go deep, if they miss either nourishment or water?

How can they grow resilient, if they are never submitted to the blows of a gale?

How can they learn to appreciate diversity, if they are kept apart?

How can they learn control, if there is no consequence in failure?”

What advice would you give a beginner?

Oh, you mean, like the blind leading the blind, since I’m a beginner myself. I guess the most important thing is, stay true to yourself. Don’t give up, don’t despair. Don’t let anyone tell you to stop writing. Find a community of like minds. Indie writers are special, they help each other. Don’t be afraid to reach out to one of us.

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