The Joy of Writing a Horoscope Column – Elizabeth Hazel

Horoscope columns have been around since the 1920s. They were originally a way for astrologers to make astrology more accessible to the general public, and of course, to attract new clients. Fast forward to 2012: not all horoscope columns are created equal! If you look around, you’ll see daily, weekly, and monthly horoscope columns. Some … Continue reading The Joy of Writing a Horoscope Column – Elizabeth Hazel


With my daughter living with us, I rarely get time alone in the house.  Now don’t get me wrong she doesn’t intrude but the time I get completely alone is rare.  I like my alone time.  She is off today volunteering at the library and having lunch with a friend.  This leaves me completely alone … Continue reading Alone!!!

Early Day

By Wednesday, I’m so ready for an early day and fortunately most days I get to come home early.  Class is done at 3:30 and I just come home after.  Today I was a bum and played games on the computer.  Now though I have to get down to work.  I laughed hard when I … Continue reading Early Day