New Year

The new year has started with more snow on the ground.  It seems like a great day to snuggle in, watch movies, have soup, and just be quiet.  Of course I will be crocheting as well.  My to do list is ever growing for crocheting.  I like it that way.
For the past two years I’ve been very focused on school to the near exclusion of everything else.  I know the new year is traditionally the time to set goals but right now I just want to look forward to not having a crazy schedule.  In general writing and crocheting are my goals for the year but getting more specific than that seems like too much at this point.
Reflecting on the last year I realize I’ve been very stressed out with school and getting things done.  I was playing Collapse last night and realized (even in the silly game) that I have very high expectations of my performance.  That is good in that it produces some really good work but it also puts a lot of stress on me.  I see that in the last year I’ve done that a lot (particularly this last semester).  I don’t see that standard changing as I move forward but finding a balance will allow me to be less stressed.  Not everything has to be PERFECT. 
This last year my girls have accomplished a lot.  Vicki got a job, Virginia lost a job and got two better jobs.  Stephanie has advanced within her job.  Ken and I are truly empty nesters now with none of our daughters at home.  Mostly I am enjoying the quiet.  This year I’ve seen my daughters more, which is wonderful.  We met up at Vicki’s for Memorial Day and Thanksgiving.  The Georgia girls made it home for Christmas.  Stephanie also flew home for weddings in the state and stayed with us.  Vicki has been back a couple of times as well.  I love visiting because we get to have the “Yeah I’m happy to see you” without the “I’m tired of being around you”.
This last year I’ve still managed to get a few things published even though I wasn’t focused too much on that.  A poem in the Muse and articles in Circle Magazine, the big deal for me was to get paid for a small article in Woman’s World. 

Overall it has been a good year full of good times.  There are always struggles but it is how we manage them that counts.  I believe we have done well with that – it is never easy to handle sorrow or difficulties but to come through them is what counts.  I’ve gotten through 2013 with more on the positive than on the negative and that is the best I can hope for.

New Year

We’ve moved from the old year to the new again.  The end of last year has been a difficult one for me health-wise but I feel like I’m on the mend.  I’m starting to look forward to what will be coming up for the new year. 

I’ve got a grant I’m working on – one for my sister and one for me.  Mine is due sooner so that will be my focus for the next month.  Then I will be helping my sister try to get one for her farming business. 

I’ve got a new semester of classes starting in a few weeks.  One of my classes is a science class.  I’ll hopefully be able to wrap my brain around what will be needed for that.  I like science in the abstract but not necessarily in the nitty gritty details.  My other class is a writing class so I’m not too worried about that one.  By December I should be done and will be getting my second degree.  While I will be focusing on that during the two semesters I have writing goals I want to accomplish when I’m not in school.

This is a cusp day for most me.  It is a time when I let go of the things from last year I need to and embrace the coming year.  In letting go of the things, it leaves a whole and filling that whole with positive and loving things is key for me. To that end I look at the positive things in my life. 

My faculty at work are amazing.  They are the best group of people I’ve worked with.  Not only are they dedicated to their field but they are kind, caring, and positive people who are a joy to work with.  They are supportive and fun to be with and make my job not seem like a job.  It is an honor and pleasure to work and spend time with them. 

My friends – you know who you are – are positive and supportive for all my endeavors.  At the same time I trust they will tell me I’m full of it when I am.  Time spent with them – whether it is online or in person – always gives me a lift. 

My family is large and often difficult to cope with.  There are so many strong personalities in it.  Yet those same personalities have taught me to stand firm in who I am – even when others don’t like that person.  My daughters are three of the most amazing and incredible people I know.  I’ve taught them well but the gift has been mutual.  They have taught me much more – and continue to do so.  They make me proud and fill me with joy.  My husband is my biggest supporter.  He helps me accomplish everything I do just by being him.

I’m taking all of this positive energy with me into the new year.  I know it will help me through the tough times because every year has those.  I know that when I’m struggling with whatever comes my way this year I’ll have this wonderful group of people cheering me on, offering support, and crying with me when I need them to.  With these blessings, it can’t help but be a good new year

End of Year

I suppose I should have something profound to say about the year ending and a new year beginning.  Or not.  In reality, I’m looking forward to the last three days of my vacation.  I’ve enjoyed the time I’ve had off.  I’ve done more crafting then writing.  I’ve lounged and read books more than I meant to. 
However, I have done a lot of prep work for two manuscripts.  I’ve also spent some time submitting my work to different publications.  My to-do list has nearly been ignored but I am feeling relaxed and rested from the last few weeks of stress.
I’m not making any New Year’s resolutions.  They are made and broken too easily.  Moving forward I want to keep improving things at work, writing, and trying to find a balance for doing all the things I like to do. 
There is an old Irish curse (I think) – May you live in interesting times.  We are certainly doing that.  This year has been interesting when it comes to politics and society.  Our culture is on the brink of changes.  The question becomes will it be changes for the good or the bad?  I guess that will be determined by what your beliefs are. 
For me, I’d like a little less interesting and a bit more balanced.  However, I’m up for standing up for what I believe (as you probably all can tell from my postings).  I hope in the new year we learn to respect those we put down.  I’d like to see women struggle less when it comes to making money and having control of their own bodies.  I’d like to see Gays and Lesbians have the right (like all the rest of us) to be married.  I’d like to see the politicians actually represent what the majority of people want. 

I have the feeling that 2012 will continue to be interesting times for us.  Whether you agree with my politics or beliefs, I wish all of you the best and to continue living in interesting times.