Never Kiss a Stranger

Never Kiss a Stranger by Logan Chance Genre: Romantic Comedy Kiki Ellis Atwood is the devil. Ok, maybe that’s too harsh. Ellis Atwood is ruining my life. First, he demolishes a perfectly good wedding trellis. Second, he destroys a gorgeous doggie wedding that I spent ages planning. (I kid you not.) Third, he makes me … Continue reading Never Kiss a Stranger

The Fortuna Texas Series

The Double D Ranch A Fortuna, Texas Novel Book 1 by Rochelle Bradley Genre: Romantic Comedy Longhorns and lingerie... Much to the chagrin of foreman Josiah, Jessie Davidson wants a romance reduction. But the Double D Ranch hides a secret. Since inheriting the property, Jessie kept her grandmother’s hoard concealed, but now she’s found the … Continue reading The Fortuna Texas Series

Love in the Suburbs

About Face Love in the Suburbs #1 by D.E. Haggerty Genre: Romantic Comedy My grandma is trying to hook me up. To be painfully specific, my seventy-five-year-old grandmother thinks a little hanky-panky would cheer me up. Direct quote. Since I’m currently living with her, I can’t escape the endless line of grandchildren of friends who … Continue reading Love in the Suburbs

An Accidental Cupid

An Accidental Cupid by Alyssa D. Mynx: and her men are at it again! Join them in this short Valentine’s Day Rom Com, part of the #7DaysOfRomance. My five sexy as sin boyfriends and I, Blake Jameson, have been living in relative bliss for a while now. I swear, I don’t get in trouble EVERY … Continue reading An Accidental Cupid