The Next BIG Think

The Next Big Think! Possibilities by Azza Ezzat Genre: Self-Help, Non Fiction How often do you dream about your future? And I mean dream BIG about your future! Do you have a higher, bigger vision for your life? Do you want to take your business or career to the next level? Could your relationships be … Continue reading The Next BIG Think

A Man Devoured by His Body, Food & Work

Non-Fiction / Self-Help / Eating Disorders & Body Image Date Published: January 15, 2020 Publisher: CS Publishing Ltd. For 40-plus years the author battled with attitudes, beliefs and behaviors that are commonly labeled as symptoms of three psychological disorders: muscle dysmorphia, orthorexia, and obsessive-compulsive personality disorder (OCPD). The consequences were grave. This book explains Stuart’s … Continue reading A Man Devoured by His Body, Food & Work

Branden LaNette

Once Upon a Time, Bitches Branden LaNette came to me through a tour company. Author Bio Branden LaNette doesn’t look like a typical author but she has long ignored what she “should” do, say and look like. On her own at a very young age, Branden eventually found herself with the wrong guy, the wrong … Continue reading Branden LaNette

Jamie Della

Jamie Della and I connected through a mutual friend. She writes non-fiction. Author bio JAMIE DELLA has studied magick and spirituality from around the world for more than twenty years. As a practitioner of healing arts, she leads workshops and ritual retreats on earth-based spirituality. Jamie is the author of eight books, including The Book of … Continue reading Jamie Della

The Mini-Mindset Series

My Mini-Micro Mindset Manual The Mini Mindset Series by Neeta Oza Genre: Self-Help, Wellness My Mini-Mindest Manual is a must read A-Z guide for anyone who wants to know more about the power of mindset. This powerful little book is packed with simple tips, ideas and supportive words, to potentially turn your life around. (Half … Continue reading The Mini-Mindset Series

50 Ways to Worry Less Now

Author: Gigi Langer, PhD Narrator: Robin Waters Length: 5 hours 30 minutes Publisher: Possum Hill Press Released: Sep. 20, 2019 Genre: Non-Fiction, Self-Help Do you want to stop dreading the future or reliving past disappointments? Thirty years ago, Gigi Langer was a prisoner of her worries who used alcohol, romance, and professional accomplishments to soothe … Continue reading 50 Ways to Worry Less Now

Now That’s Just Stupid

Now That's Just Stupid: Weight, What? By Debra Taylor Genre: Self-Help The F-Word: A three letter word that carries the greatest impact to the deepest void inside the soul…Fat there I said it.Just the word alone makes every hurt, pain, failure or haunting memory rise to the surface and food is the only thing that … Continue reading Now That’s Just Stupid