Take a Chance

By Eileen Troemel & Amelia K Oliver

Short story available for preorder


 Among a group of humans, Mae must hide her true self in order to avoid a lifetime of horrors.  She must escape from the hyena shifters who plan to sell the humans for hunting.  But how can she overpower a cackle of hyena shifters.  Good at hunting they are persistent and once they get her scent, they won’t stop until they catch their prey.

Chance grabbed with the other humans wants to put a stop to the hyena shifters but can’t take his focus off the beautiful Mae.  He knows she’s not human but he cannot tell what she is.  As they work together to reach safety, Chance cannot resist a bit of flirting as he’s drawn to her.  She’s a puzzle and he’s determined to find out what she’s hiding. 

Will Chance and Mae escape the hyenas?  If they do, will they be able to overcome old prejudices in order to be together?