A Pox on Daylight Savings

I have a friend who has been grumbling about the dark mornings.  I’m going to heartily disagree.  I drove to work this morning and the sun was in my eyes again.

On top of the inconvenience of daylight in the morning again, I was awake at 3:30 this morning.  It’s not uncommon for me to have sleeping issues but really I’d only had about four hours of sleep and would have appreciated another couple of hours.

We play with time.  It’s ridiculous because time doesn’t change it just ticks on – second by second.  It’s a matter of what we do with our time.  Are we wasting it or are we making the most of it?

With my six hour limit on sleep – yes I literally wake up after having been asleep for six hours – I have to be careful how early I go to bed.  Too early and I’m up early again like today.

This is one area where I think we need to stop messing about and just let time tick tick tick rather than swapping forward and backward like a very slow drunk.

Unlike my friend, I like the dark of the year.  It’s peaceful and comforting.  It wraps you up.  The darkness is soothing.  No need for all that light, all that sunshine annoying you first thing in the morning when no sane person should be up.

However, the sunset tonight was spectacular.  There were all these orange, red, and yellow streaks.  It was gorgeous.  Now if we could have that in the morning, I wouldn’t mind so much.  Obviously I’m not a morning person nor do I like the light when I’m grumpy about having to get up.  However, the time is all messed up.  So we have light now in the morning for a short bit before it doesn’t matter a bit and it’s dark all the time… except a few hours during the cold days of winter.


How is it possible for an entire week to slip by so quickly?  I can’t even say it slipped by unnoticed but it just whizzed right by and left me gasping and wondering why I didn’t get enough stuff done.

Work was good. I got almost all the things done I wanted to before I left for vacation.  I even got organizational stuff for my desk and got it reorganized.  I left a list for my student workers, changed the voice mail, out of office message and got the tasks done I needed to. 

Yesterday was supposed to be super productive.  We were supposed to get all these errands run – which we did – and the house completely cleaned and a whole list of other things.  My cleaning person got a good chunk of my house clean but still there is more to do.  Why is it housework is so time consuming?

This afternoon the girls fly in.  We have to pick them up.  Then from that point on we are booked.  It will be a very busy weekend and I’m stressing a little about how much is going on. 

Taking a step back from the chaos of the weekend, I cannot wait to see the girls.  It will be nice to have my whole family together.  I just hope we aren’t so busy doing that we actually have time together to laugh and just be. 

Tomorrow is the big party.  Normally big events with lots of people make me nervous but this one isn’t.  I’m just looking forward to being around the people who are important.  I am hoping for good weather so it can be more an outside event than an inside event. 

Ken has gotten so many projects done in the house.  They are bigger projects which we thought would take more time and money but they didn’t.  I really like the changes in the house.  It makes me feel like we are claiming more of the house. 

On one hand I’m really glad that the week has slipped away since I’ll get to see Virginia and Stephanie this afternoon.  On the other hand I’d like another day or two to get ready.  Isn’t that always the case?

Time Thief

There is a thief in my area.  He or she has been stealing time from me.  I’ll be working away at something – either at work or at home – and suddenly it is much later than I thought it was.  The other night is a perfect example.  Ken started the dishwasher before he went to bed around 7ish.  He told me about it and asked that I turn it off etc when it was done.  I think I grunted acknowledgement at him (hey I was writing).  Five minutes – no more I swear – the chime indicating the dishwasher was done went off.  I was annoyed.  It must be broke or something right?  No it was 8:20 and the time thief had struck again.
He was hiding in my house last night because after I took care of the dishwasher and only maybe ten minutes later, Vicki came to tell me she was going to bed.  I told her it was very early for her to go to bed. She pointed out to me that it was nearly 10 pm.  I cursed the time thief again.  He’d struck while I’d been busy writing a chapter…
Two minutes later – I swear that was it – she wanders down the hall all squinty and grumbly because she can’t sleep.  I start to tell her she needs to give herself more than two minutes and realize I’ve been hit again by the time thief because it is nearly 11.  Of course I wrote nearly an entire chapter of almost 4600 words last night.  It flowed and practically wrote itself.  I am very pleased with it. 
I was a good girl then and went to bed.  Unfortunately sleep was elusive and I tossed and turned nearly all night only falling asleep after 2:45 this morning.  Now if I could only get the damn time thief to give me back that time – I could have a nap and not be completely exhausted today….