It’s been a busy weekend.  I’ve got my list for while I’m on vacation and I’ve already started on it.  I have a two page post it list of what I want to get done during my vacation.  I’ve also got a whole bunch of paperwork on my desk that needs sorting. 

Errands are done.  Somehow I never put those on my list so when I look at my list it looks like I’ve done next to nothing but I got a fleece blanket done while I watched a movie – Fair Game about the CIA agent who was exposed by the government.  Good movie and it was well worth borrowing from the library (heck it would be worth renting too).  I also started a gift for someone.  I am really LOVING the pattern.  I love discovering an easy pattern that works up nicely and looks so much better than I thought it would.  It amazes me how you can buy a skein of yarn and with a bit of skill turn it into something useful and beautiful. 

I’ve worked on transcribing this weekend and plan to do more.  I hope by the time I go to bed tonight I’ll have two of the four interviews done.  The client is waiting on them and I’m trying to meet the deadline.

We talked to the girls this weekend.  Mom is down there visiting.  It sounds like they are all having a great time.  I saw pictures on Facebook that shows the gardens they went to which had a ton of flowers – I do love flowers.

It has been a good weekend with down time balancing out all the other stuff that needs to get done.  I sat for a couple hours today and helped Vicki paint ornaments.  I enjoyed the intricacy of the wood ornament and the simplicity of just covering it with paint.

Now it is time to settle in to the real work of the week.  I have to revise two stories, start my final project, do some work for the union, edit some other papers and a whole list of other things.  I may not be at work this week but I’m still going to be working my bum off

Done… mostly

Well I had a lot on my to do list and most of it is done or at least in a better place than I was on Friday.  Alex’s 30th birthday party was yesterday and I think we had a good time with everyone who showed up.  At one point we were segregated by gender which I found amusing – no matter how far we progress we still can’t get away from the stereotypes.
My paper which is due on Friday is going – I think I have a good rough draft for it.  Tomorrow instead of book editing class I have a meeting with the professor to discuss the project.  I’ll have to see how that goes.  I’ll be interested to hear what she has to say about my stuff so far.
For fiction writing I managed to get all the stuff done that needs to be done for tomorrow but I need to take some time to review the critiques I got from both the professor and the other students.  At least I think I should – though part of me thinks I should just write the story the way I wanted to in the first place.  I think if I hadn’t edited it down for a publication requirement it would be a stronger story.  Anyways I need time to do this – now it is just a matter of finding the time.
I also got a side job of transcribing.  I worked on that this weekend too.  I still have about 9 minutes left to do.  This has to be done before Friday.  I have a few things due all at once – isn’t that how it usually goes?

Here it is almost midnight on a Sunday night and I’m still up.  Vicki was a sweetheart and packed up my lunch/supper for me tonight – it is waiting in the fridge and on the counter so all I have to do in the morning is grab it – thank goodness.  One more thing after this blog posting and then I’m off to bed with things mostly done that I needed to get done… mostly…