Flowers – ones that my black thumb can’t kill

Update:Vicki loves her new curtains.  The valances - which I thought were going to be too long - were just right and could have possibly been a bit longer even.  Here are some shots of her dining room windows:This shows the valance a bit closer:Here is her bedroom curtain tied back:The final products turned out … Continue reading Flowers – ones that my black thumb can’t kill


It’s been a busy weekend.  I’ve got my list for while I’m on vacation and I’ve already started on it.  I have a two page post it list of what I want to get done during my vacation.  I’ve also got a whole bunch of paperwork on my desk that needs sorting.  Errands are done.  … Continue reading Weekend


Every spring our front garden slowly starts to blossom.  I’ve had white daffodils blooming for the last two or three weeks.  This morning I was a bit grumpy because I was up early and had to go back to work.  It isn’t the work – it is the up early part.  I stepped out of … Continue reading Rhododendrons