Where does the time go?

I’ve been working on getting excerpts from all my novels to use for marketing the books.  I’ve gotten through all my poetry books, meditation book, Wayfarer series and a few others.  I have to go back through and get links on this page so everything is in one place and makes it easy to copy / paste. 
Last night I finished editing Wayfarer 10 and reread 11 making edits as I went.  I couldn’t believe how fast paced 11 was.  I like that as I think it makes for a quick read.  I also was concluding several storylines with the opening scenes.  The next step is to start more storylines and see how the characters move forward. 
That took up a good chunk of my night last night but I was still done by ten which is too early for me to go to bed.  I decided I’d take a half hour to wander around on Pinterest.  Big mistake!  I spent an hour and half on Pinterest and Facebook.  I read some interesting articles on batch cooking for freezer meals, looked at some crochet patterns, read up on some of my friends activities and pretty soon it was 11:30.  It was crazy – where did the time go?  It got eaten up with surfing Pinterest and Facebook. 
Tonight I’ll be entering edits from the hard copy to the computer for Wayfarer 10.  I’m not sure how long that will take but I’m going to try to stay off Pinterest / Facebook so there will be no time suck again.

Time Sucks…

There are just some activities that suck up your time.  You say “I’m only going to spend ten minutes on…” and then suddenly it is hours later and you are still on that site. 
This week while I’m home alone all day I have certain goals – mostly to work on cleaning my office.  This means while I am checking emails and so on I have to avoid sites like Ravelry, Pinterest, and Facebook if I’m to accomplish anything at all. 
Don’t get me wrong I LOVE wandering around these sites.  I find inspiration and laughter and a lot more on the sites.  However, I lose time like it is leaking through a sieve.  If I want to accomplish stuff I have to not look at those sites. 
The other thing that sucks up my time is the Kindle Fire that was just handed down to me.  I’ve been setting it up and removing things from the carousel.  I like the format but Kindle missed the mark when they didn’t allow you to put things in folders on the Fire – now if anyone knows how to do that – they should let me know. 
Along with setting things up I’ve been playing games on the Fire.  Backgammon, word games, Phase 10, Skipbo, and so many more are on there, and last night I spent hours playing backgammon, and others.  I will not be touching it today as I have too much to do. 
I have a crochet to do list and the other tasks in the office I want to get done.  Since my gout is bugging me today, it will likely be a crochet day.  I have a long list of what I need to do for crocheting.  If I can’t accomplish one goal, I’ll work on the others.
However, I will be avoiding those damn time sucks as they steal away all my good time so I cannot get done the things I want to get done – even if they are fun to spend time doing.  


It’s been a busy weekend.  I’ve got my list for while I’m on vacation and I’ve already started on it.  I have a two page post it list of what I want to get done during my vacation.  I’ve also got a whole bunch of paperwork on my desk that needs sorting. 

Errands are done.  Somehow I never put those on my list so when I look at my list it looks like I’ve done next to nothing but I got a fleece blanket done while I watched a movie – Fair Game about the CIA agent who was exposed by the government.  Good movie and it was well worth borrowing from the library (heck it would be worth renting too).  I also started a gift for someone.  I am really LOVING the pattern.  I love discovering an easy pattern that works up nicely and looks so much better than I thought it would.  It amazes me how you can buy a skein of yarn and with a bit of skill turn it into something useful and beautiful. 

I’ve worked on transcribing this weekend and plan to do more.  I hope by the time I go to bed tonight I’ll have two of the four interviews done.  The client is waiting on them and I’m trying to meet the deadline.

We talked to the girls this weekend.  Mom is down there visiting.  It sounds like they are all having a great time.  I saw pictures on Facebook that shows the gardens they went to which had a ton of flowers – I do love flowers.

It has been a good weekend with down time balancing out all the other stuff that needs to get done.  I sat for a couple hours today and helped Vicki paint ornaments.  I enjoyed the intricacy of the wood ornament and the simplicity of just covering it with paint.

Now it is time to settle in to the real work of the week.  I have to revise two stories, start my final project, do some work for the union, edit some other papers and a whole list of other things.  I may not be at work this week but I’m still going to be working my bum off


I wish this was a cry of completion but it isn’t.  I’m just tired of working on homework.  For Fiction Writing, I’ve read, done the critique and written a letter for each of the three stories we had to read.  I realized that the letters we have to write are very similar to the letters in Book Editing we have to write – only in Book editing it is only one (thankfully). 

I helped a class mate out by editing her paper, a sister out by discussing her paper, and I’ve played on Facebook – had to or go insane.  I still have an assignment for Book editing to do, read the rest of Chapter 9 which was due last week, and edit my two stories for Fiction Writing that I have to turn in for the final.  One of them is nearly there I think.  The other one is not. 
Today while it is a beautiful record high temperature outside with beautiful blue skies with puffy white clouds, I’ve been sitting at my laptop in my office working on homework.  I have transcribing to do and numbers to work on for budget stuff.  All I really want to do is take a nap. 
I got a rejection and an acceptance this week for my writing.  It is nice that it balanced out.  Usually it’s just rejections.  I have to get those noted on my spreadsheet. 
Ken has been VERY busy in the kitchen working on a project.  I can’t wait till it is done as I think it will improve the storage in the kitchen / dining room.  Vicki has been busy too.  Sasha has been napping and I just punished her by waking her up and rubbing her belly.  She didn’t seem overly punished though as she grabbed on to my hand and licked it while I rubbed…

Domino Effect

Vicki went to bed early tonight, she’s got a cold.  I wandered into my desk with no more intentions than to play a few games and go to bed.  Mondays are rough for me – as I’ve said. 
This is not what happened though.  I started out answering emails.  A couple of my writer friends from a group responded to my request for them to answer interview questions.  These responses led me to working on the report for my book editing class.  From there I went to checking my school / work email, which led to my mail box nearly being full so I had to delete a bunch of stuff – like thousands of emails.  From there I checked my D2L account.  This is the school account where I have a link for each class and then I can turn in assignments, get information for the class and a variety of other things. 
That led to playing on Facebook.  I actually played the couple of games I was intending.  By the time I was done with that it was 10:00.  You would think I would just go to bed right?  Nope. 
While playing those games I was thinking about the story I turned in to my fiction writing class which I have to edit.  I switched over to editing it.  I have the first chapter done.  Oh it started out as a short story but I’m pretty sure it will be a novel or novella by the time I’m done. 
When I closed that for the night, I fell into my old habit of playing the Hoyle games I have on my computer.  I’m obsessed with Rummy 500, Spite & Malice, and Backgammon.  I have to play at least one game of each before I can go to bed.  I think I do this because it helps to shut down my brain.  After editing, I need the creative flow to slow enough so I can get to sleep and not have to pop up several times over the next hour to jot down just one more idea.
This lovely domino effect has led me to 11:45 pm and not in bed before midnight – yet again.  It is completely my own fault.  However, I’m glad I got all this stuff done.  It means I’ll have one or two fewer things to do over the weekend – I hope.

A Good Weekend

Saturday was spent doing errands, placing orders, and getting things checked off my list.  When I went to bed on Saturday night I felt like I’d accomplished a number of good things. 
Sunday I was slow to get out of bed.  I just wanted to laze in bed.  When I did finally drag my sorry bum out of bed, I showered and sat at my computer doing non-thinking things like playing on Facebook.
After a while, I went to the kitchen and cut up melons and prepped things for lunch (hadn’t had breakfast but hey it was Sunday).  The rest of the day I spent watching DVDs or DVR programs.  I crocheted a bit – the afghan is coming along nicely.  It’s about half done I think.  I spent time with Ken and Vicki.  At some point I felt a bit slug like but decided that was what Sundays are for. 
The only thing I didn’t really get to this weekend is writing.  I’m hoping that with six days off this next weekend I’ll be able to get a good bit of writing done. 
Somehow I managed to get a lot of stuff done this weekend and still feel like I got a weekend.  This is a good thing because it allows me to go back to work rejuvenated and refreshed – at least till I get to work and realize all the stuff on my desk…

Polite and intelligent

On Facebook, I just watched a video of protesters talking to police about why they were being forced to take down signs in the rotunda.  The young man speaking was eloquent and intelligent.  He spoke passionately but politely.  The police were polite and asked nicely.  The protesters took their tickets.

It is amazing to me how some people can characterize the protesters as thugs, violent and other unpleasant names.  In reality from what I’ve seen and heard they are polite and firm.  They are there to state their opinions and protest.  They aren’t causing damage.  They aren’t breaking things.  They aren’t threatening anyone.  They are there voicing their opinions and beliefs (loudly). 

They aren’t getting discourse from the Republicans.  What are the Republicans afraid of?  Why won’t they discuss with an open mind and heart?  What stops them from listening to all of these people?  Unfortunately I don’t have the answer to that.  I can make assumptions but I’m not willing to do that. 

When I went to the rally and meeting I was hoping for a republican or two to be there so I could hear their side of this.  I want to KNOW why they are doing this and what they think they will accomplish.  Sadly none showed up.  All we get from them is name calling and bullying tactics.  The rules only apply to everyone else, it would seem, not to them.