No Electronics

I just read a news article about a woman who turned off her and her children’s electronic for six months.  She felt their lives were too dependent on all of the electronic devices in their lives.  So she took away ipods, cell phones, computers, video games, television, etc.  One daughter disliked it so much she moved in with her dad for part of the time.  The mom did allow the kids to use the items away from the house but her house was a no electronics zone. 
I could give up the tv and probably the cell phone (though I don’t have a house phone), video games without a problem.  I could not give up my computer without huge issues.  I know that when I get together with one of my daughters her cell phone is like an extension to her arm.  It is always on and within reach for easy access.  This is fine most of the time but there are times that I just want her undivided attention and don’t’ get it.
The ironic thing is my other daughters have done they – hey we are eating dinner here – when the cell phone rings for me or my husband.  They seem to have the same aversion to it as I do but don’t see it in themselves when they do it. 
How long could you go without your cell phone or other electronic devices?