Three Chapters

There’s nothing better than when the words are flowing and I have little to no interruptions. Today I got that blessing.

It was a bad night for me and I woke up with more pain than normal for me. This usually means a rough day.

Vicki started me with two kinds of smoothie which I thoroughly enjoyed. Ken went off to the farmer’s market and Vicki went to visit one of her cousins. I was alone in the house!

I almost always look at the work I need to get done but today, I started writing. I didn’t stop to think of word count or anything other than the story.

Now I’m at the end of three chapters. I’ve added 10,274 words to my story and I’m at about 35K in this story.

Yesterday – I guess since it’s after midnight – one of my books released! I had a release party to attend and other tasks on my list for the day. However, once I started writing, that was it for me. I couldn’t stop. I’m thrilled with the progress and I hope tomorrow I’ll have a good writing day as well.

I’ve got a few chapters to talk about the new role the characters will have but mostly it’s a building of a good life. There may be a twist or two. I’m not sure yet. the only thing I do know – it’s an Ava book so there will be sex.

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