Time for Bed

The story is right there but my brain is saying no. It’s been a week of little sleep. Today was an in person day for work so my pain level is up. This all adds up to me calling a halt. I’m trying to write a scene which gives hints to what happens next and also set up who the bad guy might be… but I think that will stretch out until we get to book three.

Between my daughter and husband staying out with me longer and the complete lack of sleep I’ve had this week, I’m done. I know what I want and I know where to go. But I’m just wiped out. Tonight I wrote 1400 words taking me to not quite 21K for total.

Tomorrow is another in person day for work. I have three or four meetings throughout the day. Two I have to take minutes so that’s involved. The other one or two I’m training. It will be a heavy lift day between all the meetings and being at the office but I’ll get through it.

At this point, I’ve got about a third of the book done. I have to finish my security scene. Next up will likely be a sex scene. Then a trip to medical to make sure she’s heeled. Then the kidnapping. I have so many decisions in those scenes. Will they torture her? Him? Will he break or will she? Then the escape. Then readying for battle. Then the climax where he realizes he’s a dick and needs to make up for his stupidity. Maybe another 40K I hope.

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