Wayfarer – Prequel, Books 1, 2, 3

Wayfarer started as a request from my middle daughter in 2014. I’d successfully published a romance novel, a meditation book and three poetry books. I looked around and said – okay what next?

My middle daughter came up with the answer. Write her a space story with a strong female lead.

From there, I came up with Adara who was slightly damaged, quiet, and trying to figure out what she needed. My great grandmother was a petite woman standing about five foot all at most. My great grandfather was six foot seven inches. I have a picture of them where he’s sitting and she stands next him. They are the same height. This was the inspiration behind their physical attributes.

As I considered what it meant for her to be a Wayfarer I looked at different cultures which are outside the norm. I knew she was going to be skilled in ways the Humans couldn’t be. It’s almost paranormal.

Decker was meant to be a stiff necked jerk of sorts. He was supposed to be the by the book type character.

The whole story was about her learning to stand up and speak out for herself and him learning to trust her and bend – a lot.

Wayfarer Aegis

This book was actually written after I wrote the first five novels. I had to go back into each of the novels and pull out all the details I’d already written about the accident.


Adara Stone – pilot for the Interstellar Planets Union services. 

She’s half Wayfarer and half human and Captain James’ last choice as a pilot.  Excited for her first long contract and explorer class ship, Adara knows she’ll spend seven years flying a ship in unknown space. She can’t wait to see what’s out there.   

By the book, Captain Alden James does not want anyone varying from his flight plan.  He quickly loses patience with Adara breaking protocol.   

Adara craves a family but finds only recrimination and punishment.  She taps into the skills dismissed by her captain and the services in order to be the best pilot she can be.  When Fate intervenes, will her Wayfarer skills be enough?   



Recovered from the disaster of the Aegis, Adara longs to fly in space again. 

Emotionally and physically battered, she applies to every piloting position but her heart and soul long to fly the Pritchard.  The Manu investigatory ship requires all types of flying from chasing raiders, rescuing ships in danger, and getting investigators on site.  

Captain Decker Flannery gets to hire his entire crew for the first time.  He doesn’t want some damaged pilot to mess with the balance of his crew.  When one of his pilots takes a better offer, he has no choice but to hire Adara Stone, highest ranking survivor from the Aegis.  He doesn’t want her on his ship, he thinks she’s trouble. 

Can Decker see through Adara’s quiet and discover more than he bargained for?  


Wayfarer Clans

Once I finished Wayfarer, my test readers all said – ‘where’s the next one’. I told them no this was a one and done. They came back with was what about …. When they asked, I got ideas… and well ideas led to this.


Are Wayfarer Clans kidnapping children, teen girls, and scientists? 

A rash of kidnappings lead Adara to suggest a Wayfarer clan is adding to their clan. Chasing down a stolen Science Corp vessel, Adara Stone beats the pilot and rescues the ship and all its occupants.  The pilot of the ship shocks Adara.  

Decker and Adara struggle to cope with her family relations as the crew dives deeper into the kidnapping cases.  Friction arises between the two.   

Will her family put a wall between Decker and Adara?   


Wayfarer Immemorial

After the second book, I realized this was going to be a series. All the injuries up to this point have been for Adara. I knew that this couldn’t continue otherwise she was going to end up dead. Plus it would get tedious and predictable.


The Barions are back!   

Decker wants Adara nowhere near the memorial but she insists on helping the survivors and the families of those lost on the Aegis.   

With her plate full as a new clan leader, Adara leaves security up to Decker, Franklin, and Paul.  Her only requirement – she must attend the memorial service.   

Barion battlecruisers invade the Services space while a rogue Barion attempts to meet privately with Adara. 

Will Decker and Adara survive this encounter with the Barions? 


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