Wayfarer – Books 4, 5, 6

As this series continued, I enjoyed writing about the characters. It felt like catching up with friends. While I worked on other things, there was always the next Wayfarer book to think about. What was the overall theme going to be? What would happen next? Is it too soon for a baby? Should the family be involved? How much of the family?

Wayfarer Negotiator

In Negotiator, Adara steps into new roles and responsibilities. Like most people, she’s not sure she can do these new things. At the same time, the relationship between her and Decker takes on new nuances. This meant that Decker had to learn to be less in charge in their personal lives. Adara had to learn to be more assertive about what worked for her.


A riot on a space station throws Adara Stone into a new role.

When Wayfarers clash with shopkeepers, Adara’s asked to step in to settle the dispute. 

Decker’s parents are visiting but he doesn’t want her to meet them.  He leaves her on the ship while he spends time with his family.  Until Avin’s, the Etienne hunter, murder case interrupts with an important break. 

Negotiating, Decker and Adara clash over her continued health issues. 

Can they come together to negotiate a peaceful settlement?


Wayfarer Wedding

This book cause a conundrum for me. I am not big on weddings and the hoopla that goes around them. I didn’t plot out my own wedding as a kid. I never really considered it until I was getting married. I knew this book would not focus on the wedding. Instead I focused on the stress of a wedding and oh yeah – most of Adara’s family being in harms way. This is where Adara has to lead but not be on hand to do the leading.


Adara and Decker’s big day fast approaches!

Before they can wed, her family is sent on a covert mission to collect information on a hostile race. 

Decker’s mother makes demands on how the wedding should be causes tension in an already stressful situation. Will Adara and Decker be able to protect her family and return in time to have their wedding?


Wayfarer Trials

The wedding is over and the honeymoon was delightful but without going erotica in this series, I only implied what their honeymoon was like. Again, sometimes the characters just need a bit of privacy. To some extent, I looked at what this series was about. Is this going to be focused on the adventures of Adara and Decker’s lives? Or was I going to look at the bigger picture? One thing I hate about other series is by the third or fourth book, there’s a formulaic quality to the book. I didn’t want that for Adara’s story.


Humans only! 

Returning from their honeymoon, Adara and Decker with their crew face a rash of attacks on non-human females. 

New trainees bring a sense of danger.  Decker and Paul try to protect Adara through a series of explosive events. 

Can Adara protect her people with her skills?


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