Weekend plans

Another week comes to a close for me and I’m looking forward to the weekend.  Hopefully my artist will make it to my house on Saturday.  We have art to go over for a meditation book we are working on.  I also want to get more of the edits done on the manuscript I’m working on.  I’ve a third of the edits in the computer and am hoping to finish updating the manuscript.  If I manage to finish that off then I need to reprint it and edit it one more time.
A wonderful friend of mine created a database to track people, places, and details in different manuscripts.  I need to get that on my computer and set up so I can start using it.  It would be good to convert the paper lists I have to electronic.  While I’m at it I better do a back up of my computer and all this new stuff.
If I get a chance I should work on the baby blanket for my friend’s new grandson.  I should get that finished before he outgrows the baby size afghan.  I can work on that while I catch up on my DVR watching. 
These activities are of course on top of all the normal ones like grocery shopping, drug store run, butcher shop and so on.  I’ll never get this all done in one weekend but it will be fun to try…

2 thoughts on “Weekend plans

  1. Yeah, yeah…but how are the plans coming along for that indoor pool and the passage from my room to it??? *grin*

    About that database, don't you have everything in a table (Word)? You can copy and paste that into Excel, add column headers to match the fields in the database, and import it into Access in a matter of seconds. And don't even try to say that sounds hard…I KNOW your skill level! Let me know when you're ready to give it a shot 🙂

  2. That is one thing I don't have electronically. All of my character lists are on paper in one form or another. My work list is in an Excel spreadsheet which means I could do that with it but I didn't think there was a table for that in the database…

    If I admit to having skills then people might expect me to accomplish things… I am not sure I want to satisfy anyone's expectations… 🙂

    You on the other hand have some pretty amazing skills… 🙂

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