Wrapping up the semester

We’re reaching the end of the semester.  The busy time of registration is mostly done with a few stragglers still coming in for help.  It’s a wonderful time because some of our students will soon graduate and go out into the world.  At the same time, we say goodbye to those students.

In my job I work with some amazing student workers.  Often the come to me early in their college career and haven’t had a lot of real life experience.  They come to me for advice, assistance, and lessons in work life.  Not all of them are early in their career, some of them come to me late so I only have them for a semester or two.  These I get to help them refine their skills.

For me, the student workers really are what it’s about.  They need the financial help of a job.  When they come to us, I can mentor them in good work practices.

At the end of each semester I end up saying goodbye to one or a lot of them.  It makes me sad to see them leave but I love seeing them move forward with their careers and their lives.  In another few weeks, I’ll be saying goodbye to another batch of my student workers.  I’m already training another group.  But it’s nice to see these young women and men grow and move forward.

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