Writing lethargy….

I’m on my fifth day of vacation and I’m finally alone in my house.  I have peace and quiet.  Can I write?  Nope… I typed up the hand written stuff for a story I’m working on.  I stared at my computer screen and could not bring a single thought forth to continue once I was done with the hand written stuff.  Go figure. 

Does this mean I’m going to give up on writing stuff today?  Nope.  I’ll turn to researching places to submit my work to I guess.  It is frustrating because I have been looking forward to finishing this story for a while now.  I know where I want to go with it but I’m in a slump.  Not a writing slump because I never stop writing (note I’m working on my blog instead of my story….)

One of the best things I can think of to do when I get like this is to take a nap.  I know it sounds like I’m sluffing off but in reality this relaxation helps me to unfocus from the computer and let my mind play through the possibilities so I can become more creative.  The great thing about a nap is I can relax and let go of the worries and when I get an idea, I can pop back to the computer and get it down right away before it fades away. 

Guess I’ve talked myself into a nice little nap…

2 thoughts on “Writing lethargy….

  1. For me, it's cleaning…when I'm stuck, I clean. In fact, when I'm pissed off, I clean. And when I'm nervous, I clean. And when I'm sad, I clean. Gee…ya think I have a cleaning problem???

    Don't pressure yourself; it'll come when it comes. 🙂

  2. I had a snack, chilled in the recliner for a bit, and came back to the computer and wrote the rest of the scene and have two more scenes in my head… now I just need to get them written…

    By the way – if you are feeling the need to clean… you can always come to my house.. 🙂

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