Writing Vacation Day 2

At 3:30 am I gave up on finishing my story. I thought – finish this escaping scene and then one more and I’ll be done. Easy breezy. Right? Nope. Can’t be that simple. I finished the scene and wrote more.

I was woken up at 8:30. A dangerous thing to do when I planned to sleep much longer than that. But I got up slowly. My goal today – finish the story. I worked with MANY interruptions. Some were fun, like when Bash jumped on my footstool of my recliner and stared at me until I set aside my computer. Then we cuddled. He got pets and pets. I got snuggles. Some were annoying, like the discussion on how much we should spend on a sink. Do we buy cheap and not what we want or do we spend more to get what we want?

I talked to my niece, my sister, my daughter today. I remembered a day job task which I meant to do before I went on vacation and time ran out before I could figure it out. I worked on budget – never fun. I working on promoting two books – one out on the 10th and the other out on the 25th. I handled messages from a range of people.

Then people went to bed. Classical music played and I wrote. I got 6800 words written today. I’m a bit disappointed by it. I also am cursing the muse who is messing with me. I had a plan. I got to that point and the characters said – what? That’s how you think we end? Nope. Come along we’re taking you on a ride.

Now I’m at 15,480 for words. I was only supposed to have 12K. Ooopppss. The main five characters – Zulma and her reverse harem Drake, Claud, Parker, and Stuart were supposed to ultimately ride off into the proverbial sunset and all would be well. They refused. Bastards. Instead they said – well what about the others? What about the rest of the cannon fodder imprisoned on the planet? Why can’t we save them? My brain said – nope too complicated. I’m too close to my word count. I just need to finish…

Yeah and then the characters said. Word count? Meh! We don’t care. Here’s what we’re doing… Not surprising, I like what the bastards want to do and think it fills the plot out nicely with a lovely little surprise at the end which I hope no one sees coming. I’d tell you but then the characters would kill me.

For now, still not done. I’m hoping for quiet tomorrow morning and better quality writing time. I hope to finish by noon but I’ll see how the day goes. It’s a little after 2 am so earlier than last night. I’m off to bed with the hope of kitten snuggles as Bash Bear has graced me with his presence. I’m also hoping for sixish hours of sleep… not holding my breath.

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