Writing Vacation Day 1

I’ve got the next three days off from my day job. With my release schedule, I’ve got a ton to get done but for the next three days, I promised myself some good writing. So I have two short stories started. I struggled on the first one and haven’t had time for the second. Today at the end of my day job, I took a nap. I know lazy but I just wanted a nap.

After my people went to bed and I did a takeover, I started to write. At first it felt super forced. Like I don’t really know what the characters wanted. And then suddenly, well they took over. I don’t know what time I started writing and it was interspersed with other things. I had two takeovers today which means I’m watching posts and comments.

With my people in bed, I got down to writing. Now it’s nearly 3 am and I’ve gotten 5426 words written! The short story I’m working on needs one plus a little more in the current scene. I was trying to finish it off but I’m struggling to keep my eyes open.

I think this one will get a finish tomorrow. Then I’ll start on the other one which I hope will have a better flow. If I manage to get both of these short stories written, I have about two dozen (or more) starts to books. My hope is to make headway on at least one of them.

Aside from writing, I have a long long list of writing tasks like promoting, editing, and uploading new files for some books. I’m not going crazy on this – I always expect too much of myself and then I’m disappointed with how much I get done.

This week, I’m hoping for better results, writing and then whatever of the rest I can get done.

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