Birthdays, Visits, and other Distractions

Busy weekend equates into compressed time for working on writing or crocheting.  Yesterday I got together with my family to have lunch for mom’s birthday.  It was a good time and I think she enjoyed herself.  There are several people who have March birthdays including one of my sisters and that sister’s mother-in-law.  They always like to have a birthday lunch with mom to celebrate all of their birthdays.

After lunch TJ Jahns came to my house and we worked on several projects.  I’m creating a website for her and her artwork.  She has some pretty amazing stuff.  I had gotten so far with it and needed input from her which she gave.  It is now published but still a work in progress. (Check it out at

TJ and I are working on a new book.  I got to see her drawings and talk about her ideas for the pictures for this project.  I’m so excited.  She is taking one of my poems and turning it into a graphic poem.  It will be wonderful when she gets through all the pictures and I can’t wait.

After she left, Ken and I watched a little tv before he went to bed.  I worked on manuscript editing last night.  I was so tired by the time I was done, I crashed.  Purposefully, I didn’t set my alarm for early today but woke up on my own.  I usually do better when I can wake up of my own accord.

Today promises to be busy.  I have several projects to work on as long as my legs can stand me sitting at the computer.  One of my friends is coming over this afternoon.  It will be wonderful to see her.  Once she goes, I’ll be working on manuscript editing again.  Murder Next Door is close.  I want to read through it one more time – I feel it needs something but I can’t quite put my finger on it.  Here is the cover for it – done by TJ Jahns.  I’m LOVING it.  It fits exactly what I wanted.  Wayfarer Trials has a couple of large edits to it so it may need a second round of edits as well.  When I rearrange scenes as I’m planning to do, I have to let it sit before I edit it again.  It has to make sense the way I rearrange.  I like the scene I am moving but to have the flow better, I need to move it so I have to write the transition for the scene in a different place.

It is going to be a busy weekend, has been already and I’m not slowing unless I’m forced to.  Hopefully by the end of the weekend I’ll have three manuscripts ready for final edits and moving towards production.

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