Meanwhile, back in my cave

Tuesday I was unproductive but last night I got a third of a manuscript edited.  I made a point of breaking the papers up so I would have a definitive stopping point.  This helped me get to bed at a reasonable time. 

I’ve been away from the characters and story of the Wayfarers.  I thought I wouldn’t remember where I left off and who the characters would behave but I started reading and it all came back to me. 

It was good to have a goal and meet it.  Work (at my day job) is speeding up and my days have been busy and a bit stressful.  This means by the time I get home, I’m sort of done in.  Being able to fall in and get the editing done is a bonus as when I leave work I think I’m done, I think my brain can’t take any more for the day. 

I come home, have supper with my husband and then turn to my evening actitivies.  Last night it was editing 50 pages of Wayfarer Trials.  This one and seven to me are two of my better stories.  Don’t get me wrong I love the entire series but in these two I bring to culmination some of the longer story lines and start the set up for the next phase for my characters. 

Having let the manuscripts sit for a time, I wasn’t sure I’d like what I wrote and then as I got into the editing, I realized I did like the story, the way things worked out.  When I’m writing I am sometimes taken by surprise when my story takes a twist or turn I wasn’t expecting so when I edit, it’s nice to realize those twists are working well and the turns add a bit of oomph to the story. 

Tonight I plan to work on editing.  I’m hoping to finish the manuscript I’m working on.  Hopefully this weekend I can make the updates to the computer for the two manuscripts and shift them into production mode. 

This will leave me with one more manuscript to edit before I look for another story to work on which will probably be the last Defenders book.  I’m hoping to get that finished this month (or maybe next as my month is filling up). 

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