Catching Up

We know where mom is going when she’s released, but we aren’t positive when she will be released.  This week she sees the doctor and hopefully she will be done with the antibiotic.  Then it’s up to the nursing home to say how long they need her for therapy to prep her for release.

It’s been a crazy time with a lot of extra tasks – finding paperwork for the Medicaid application, paying her bills, and working with the nursing home for her care.  I got a request for more information for the Medicaid application.  I’m working on gathering that information so I can fax it in.

Thank goodness for my daughters.  When I’ve needed to rant, they’ve listened and not judged.  When I needed a reminder that I can only do what I can do, they’ve let me know.

In amongst all the craziness of the last few months, I’ve managed to finish Defenders of Magic.  It’s available on Amazon and Smashwords.  I’m also working on a few manuscripts to get them ready for publication.  Wayfarer Home will come out next month (hopefully).  After that in the series, I have Wayfarer War and two more.  TJ Jahns did the covers for the Defenders series and I like how they turned out.  This one is the conclusion to the story.  It took seven years but I finally finished the story.

The writing tasks and the crocheting I’ve been doing help keep me balanced.  I need this more than ever now as I’m handling so many other tasks.

Today I’m having a snow day – or more precisely an ice day.  We had rain and then snow.  The roads are bad from what Ken said.  We didn’t get a lot of snow but it’s the ice underneath which causes me problems.  The most hazardous for me is the parking lot.

While I’m off, I’ve checked my work email, personal email, and have done some writing / publishing tasks.  I’m going to make some changes to the paper version of Defenders of Magic (format changes) and then submit it for the third time.  Hopefully this time it will be how I want it.  Once I’m done with that, I’m going to work on my crocheting projects – dishtowels, daisy coasters, dresser scarf.  I’m waiting on thread to arrive.  I might check on the orders to see when they will get here.

I’m hoping to get a lot accomplished today on the writing and crocheting front.  Then when I face the world again tomorrow, I’ll be ready for more of the other stuff – mom’s tasks, work, and so on.  Also I’m hoping the roads and the parking lot at work are in better shape.

Birthdays, Visits, and other Distractions

Busy weekend equates into compressed time for working on writing or crocheting.  Yesterday I got together with my family to have lunch for mom’s birthday.  It was a good time and I think she enjoyed herself.  There are several people who have March birthdays including one of my sisters and that sister’s mother-in-law.  They always like to have a birthday lunch with mom to celebrate all of their birthdays.

After lunch TJ Jahns came to my house and we worked on several projects.  I’m creating a website for her and her artwork.  She has some pretty amazing stuff.  I had gotten so far with it and needed input from her which she gave.  It is now published but still a work in progress. (Check it out at

TJ and I are working on a new book.  I got to see her drawings and talk about her ideas for the pictures for this project.  I’m so excited.  She is taking one of my poems and turning it into a graphic poem.  It will be wonderful when she gets through all the pictures and I can’t wait.

After she left, Ken and I watched a little tv before he went to bed.  I worked on manuscript editing last night.  I was so tired by the time I was done, I crashed.  Purposefully, I didn’t set my alarm for early today but woke up on my own.  I usually do better when I can wake up of my own accord.

Today promises to be busy.  I have several projects to work on as long as my legs can stand me sitting at the computer.  One of my friends is coming over this afternoon.  It will be wonderful to see her.  Once she goes, I’ll be working on manuscript editing again.  Murder Next Door is close.  I want to read through it one more time – I feel it needs something but I can’t quite put my finger on it.  Here is the cover for it – done by TJ Jahns.  I’m LOVING it.  It fits exactly what I wanted.  Wayfarer Trials has a couple of large edits to it so it may need a second round of edits as well.  When I rearrange scenes as I’m planning to do, I have to let it sit before I edit it again.  It has to make sense the way I rearrange.  I like the scene I am moving but to have the flow better, I need to move it so I have to write the transition for the scene in a different place.

It is going to be a busy weekend, has been already and I’m not slowing unless I’m forced to.  Hopefully by the end of the weekend I’ll have three manuscripts ready for final edits and moving towards production.

A Return to Normal?

I hesitate to use the word normal because I don’t consider myself normal but I guess I could qualify it as normal for me.

This week has been busy with work and writing.  I’m neck deep in a manuscript (Wayfarer 7) and working towards finishing it.  I’m also attempting to get some editing done which thinking of all the aspects of all the novels related to whatever I’m editing.  Since one is a prequel to Wayfarer, this means I have to keep in mind all the things that have happened in the books since and how they relate to the prequel.  I’ve also got a murder mystery novel to edit and the first edits (search and replace) for the sixth Wayfarer novel. 

Edits inevitably lead to the need for a cover.  I have the prequel one done and will be doing an event to share the cover.  I worked with TJ Jahns to get the cover going on the murder mystery.  I’m hoping she will come back with a cover for me to use.  It still leaves me with a cover to make for Wayfarer 6 which I still don’t have a title for yet but I’m working on it.  I have one in my head, I just have to think it over and decide if I like it.

I started one of the crochet projects I need to get done.  I’ve got the new JD Robb book Obsession in Death to listen to so I may take a break (once I’m done with 7) and listen to that while I work on the crochet project. 

This weekend I’m working on taxes for people and helping my uncle with some paperwork.  It promises to be busy and possibly frustrating.  I was going to work on my own taxes but then I got notified that two or three of the forms I got were wrong.  I believe I will get the corrected forms next week – I hope so at least.

To do list – marketing of Wayfarer (on sale)
                   finish writing Wayfarer 7
                   Editing three manuscripts
                   Crochet gifts – student workers, wedding, baby, Virginia’s afghan
                   Read new JD Robb
                   Taxes for people and paperwork for my uncle.

These are just the things I need to do by Saturday or Sunday.  I hope I can get them all done.  Ken’s back home so I’m less productive though he is very understanding and gives me lots of time and space to do what I need to.  Still I sort of like spending time with my husband.  Seems like if he’s around and in the house, I could maybe spend some time with him. 

Oh and I have season 5 of Downton Abbey.  I wanted to watch it this next weekend but I don’t think that’s going to happen.  If I get all of my to do list done maybe I can do it next weekend.  I can work on crocheting while I watch. 

Dragon Lord’s Mate

This is my newest novel out.  The cover art is done by TJ Jahns.  She is amazing and talented.

Here is a description of the book:

Dragon Lord Arius must find his mate. During spring rites, he claims Pena, a healer from the Plains. He likes her small body, flame hair, and spunk. Pena wants nothing to do with the Dragon Lord. She wants love. She longs for long and comfort. Arius carries her away from her Plains village to be plundered like the days of old.
Arius saves her life from a large and deadly adder only to have Pena save his life from the deadly bite. In the healing, Pena loses her heart and gains a great love. Arius discovers the woman he lusted after has more depth and skill. He loses his heart to her. Binding her to him, and himself to her, he performs an ancient rite of fertility.
Upon returning to Measc Realta, the Dragon Lord’s home, Pena settles into being Lady of the Keep. The people of the mountains love their new lady and cherish her healing skills.
An old enemy for Pena and for the Dragon Clan rises in power. Indirez, connected to the shadow dragon, tries to steal Pena’s power and ruin the burgeoning love between Arius and Pena.

Betrayal, courage, strength, all help Pena and Arius face the challenges and danger that invades their town and their clan.
It is available on Amazon and Smashwords in ebook format and by the end of the week will have a paperback as well.

My other books are available.  If you want to know where, go to my website and check out the links:

It Was Worth the Wait

After doing and redoing Moon Affirmations, it is finally available in paperback!  Late last night the final review of the file was complete and now this morning it is available on! 

I think it looks beautiful!  I’m very proud of this meditation book.  It is simple and easy to do but at the same time can bring some pretty deep results.  I’m deeply moved by the moon energy and during the full moon I feel overloaded with all the energy and during the dark of the moon I feel peaceful. 

The artwork inside is magnificent.  TJ did a wonderful job capturing the feeling of the meditations.  The simple drawings match the affirmations and meditations wonderfully.  Additionally, Suzanne took a beautiful photo for me of the moon.  It was exactly has I’ve envisioned for several years. 

I’m proud of this book.  Laura and I lay on the ground at a county park near my home.  We talked about how the moon’s energy affected people and lives.  The idea popped for me and she encouraged me to write and develop this book. 

Several publishers have nibbled at this manuscript over the years.  Several have expressed an interest in the concept and the manuscript but none followed through.  It is here – published in both ebook and paper format. 

If you want to purchase the ebook:
Available for sale at:
Available on Amazon:
Available on Barnes and Nobles:

It should be on Amazon in about a week.  Currently the paper format is available here:

Check out Secret Past too:

Available on Barnes and Nobles:
Available for sale at:
Available on Amazon:

Moon Affirmations Daily Meditations Using the Moon Phases to Focus Your Energy

This book has been close to my heart for a good many years.  It has been with different publishers and close to be published a number of times.  Finally, it is a reality.  I’m very excited and proud to let everyone know that Moon Affirmations is finally available. 
The book started while meditating at a local county park with my dear friend Laura.  Lying on the ground staring up at the moon through the tree limbs inspired me.  The first go round took me two weeks to write.  It has grown in length and depth since then. 
TJ came on board and has created some beautiful illustrations that enhance my words.  It is her first publication.  She is a wonderful artist with great talent. 
Come see what all the fuss is about.  Moon Affirmations is available on


Friday I spent the day working on inserting images into a manuscript.  This sounds like a simple thing but it isn’t.  The image has to be the right size.  Some of the images had to be cleaned up which meant pulling it into paint to use the eraser to get rid of smudges. 
As I was working on these images zoomed in to like 400% their actual size, I realized there was a fine line between touching up and changing the art.  TJ Jahns created the images and scanned them to me so I could use them.  She did a phenomenal job with creating the images.  I love them more every time I see them and every time I work with them. 
She worked hard and long on these pictures and I want to make sure that the images are kept true to her work.  At the same time I had to adjust the images to fit the manuscript.  This meant erasing some smudges, resizing, and so on.
It is easiest to work with them when they are quite large – 400% mostly.  It is tedious and time consuming work but well worth the effort.  As I’m staring at the image and trying to decide if this pixel or that one are necessary or integral to the picture, I thought a lot about how a change of perspective can change your opinion or beliefs. 
Maybe a step back or a step closer will make me (or you) see whatever I’m struggling with in a different way.  A friend brought in a hard copy of my book.  I haven’t ordered any yet so it was my first time seeing my name on an actual book.  I would like to say I relished the moment but I was at work and busy.  However, it made me realize how much this means to me to be published, to know that people are reading my words (hopefully liking them) and to know there is something lasting that will continue on. 
Perspective changes as we change how we view things.  It makes me wonder what I can do to change my perspective on other things in my life. 
This philosophical moment brought on by overwork on the computer and image editing.
Secret Past is available here:
Barnes and Nobles:


Yesterday was exceedingly productive.  Secret Past is now available in e-book, large print paperback, and paperback.  I’m very proud of it and am thrilled that I’ve sold to people other than my family. 
In addition to getting the final version of Secret Past out into the world yesterday, I worked on budget and paid bills, clipped coupons, crocheted on a graduation gift, and read another fun book.  It was a full and busy day.  I got home from work early and was able to organize a bunch of stuff.  I do have a sloppy pile of paperwork that needs to be filed.  I hate filing but I will try to get that done today. 
Today I’ll be working on a grocery list and putting coupons together.  Ken is going to do the shopping this week.  I will be working on production of my next book.  This one is more complicated because it has amazing drawings to be included by TJ Jahns.  The drawings are simple but beautiful, reminiscent of Shel Silverstein. 
Unfortunately I woke up aching so I’m probably not going to be able to sit on the computer for long today.  I’ll be making the most of my time here.  Then it will be back to crocheting.  Last night while I crocheted, I watched Mansfield Park and Elementary.  Both were good and different.  I’ll probably do something like that today. 
One of the things I did yesterday was to put all my guides for self-publishing into a binder so today while I work I’ll be able to easily pull out the binder and follow each step.  It’s nice to have a handy reference right there.  I know what needs to be done for most of it but I can do a quick read just to make sure.  I’ve also got my project spreadsheet which helps me keep track of where I’m at with each project. 
It is the weekend and I’m supposed to be relaxing. In a lot of ways this is me relaxing.  Those who know me can stop laughing, I like to be busy and I like to make progress.  I don’t have to have a perfect house or fancy clothes or stuff like that.  I do have to write and crochet.  It seems along with the writing I also have to keep moving forward with projects which means production of books.  I think I’d lose my mind if I didn’t have these two things.  Crocheting keeps my hands busy and writing keeps my mind busy – or maybe it focuses my busy mind.  Either way, I’m a better person – happier, more content, and easier to live with – if I’m busy with these projects.
Secret Past Available in e-book and paperback: